Right Around The Corner

After doing some research on Covenant House, I just realized abruptly, that I was parked right in front of its building just about one month ago. I remember trying to guess its main function based on its logo. A soft dove. Hands outreached. Sketched freely. Colors of hope.



My guess was that it was a place people could turn to. I wasnt sure who. But I felt like it was a safe place.

My intuition was on point, it seems. Sounds like a great organization providing services to a community that deeply needs it. Kids need all the help they can get in a ****** up world like this. Reading through it has inspired me to volunteer. After all. How better to use one's time? Thanks EP for bringing it to my attention. 

HoneybushReaP HoneybushReaP
31-35, F
Mar 22, 2010