Diaper Discipline .........an Effective Means Of Control.

Mistress Jade showed me some things on the Internet that she called Diaper Discipline.
There were a lot of men, and for whatever reasons they started to experiment with drugs, or were gambling, drinking, or getting involved in petty crime. For the wives, girlfriends, and parents of these men and teenage boys, it was a worrying time and most didn't know how to deal with the problem. Some of these people turned to the Internet for a solution.
Many people found a website that offered advice through blogs and forums about a way to change these wayward males and hopefully save some of them from prison. But the solution was not a simple one.
The wives, girlfriends and parents must use whatever means it took, even by force if need be, but the wayward males had to be put into Diapers and made to dress in female clothes. People were warned that there would be some resistance to this and advised to use physical restraints.

It was clear from the forums on the site, that a lot of people had tried other methods without success, and most were desperate.
It was also clear that a lot of people, although reluctant to try this Diaper Discipline, were very happy with the results once they did it.
It must be remembered that this was done out of love.

Not all people reported success, but the main problem seemed to be that not enough time was given for the Diaper Discipline to work.
It was recommended that the Feminization and the Diapers be used for a minimum of six months, but a greater success rate was achieved if the Diaper Discipline could be done for a fullĀ  year. After that time, the males were allowed to return to a normal life.
It was further recommended that if the male returned to their bad ways, then they must immediately be returned to the Diaper Discipline for at least two years. If after that time the males still went back to their bad habits, then the only choice was that the Diaper Discipline must become permanent and they will live out their lives in female clothes and Diapers.

Some people were fortunate to have enough money to be able to keep the wayward male at home and with the help of family and friends, were able to devote the time to making sure the Diaper Discipline worked properly.
Others needed the male to go to work, or to college during the day, and the advice offered at the site was to take a lot of photos of the males in their Diapers, wearing female clothes and in restraints. The males would be told that they could go to work or college during the day, but any attempt to return to their bad habits, and the photos would be sent to their employer, and all their work mates, or posted all over the college.
The instant they return home, it is back into the Diapers and female clothes.

It was very interesting to read some of the stories from people who were so happy to get their son back from drugs, or from wives who had saved the marriage using Diaper Discipline. I feel sure there are thousands of people out there who would say "they support Diaper Discipline"

My own experiences with Diaper Discipline was somewhat different.
I had already agreed to being Feminized, but I wasn't too happy about being put into Diapers and turned into a Sissy Baby Slave.
I did resist wearing Diapers, foolish me, as it just led to Diaper Discipline and punishment.
Whenever I upset Mistress Jade, she brought out either the Discipline Hood, or the Punishment Mask.
The Discipline Hood is Latex, and can be locked on, I am put into a Diaper and restraints, Discipline hood locked on and Gagged, and I am taken out the back of the house and left there. The door is locked and I can't get back in, nowhere to go, I must stay there until Mistress frees me, and she tells me to use the time to think about being more obedient, about becoming a better behaved Sissy Baby Slave.

The Discipline Hood is such a humiliating punishment.

When Mistress is feeling angry with me, I am subjected to the Punishment mask.
This is a very heavy rubber Mask that covers my face and has nipple clamps attached to it.
A couple of hours like this and I become a very obedient Sissy Baby Slave.

This is a close up view of the dreaded Punishment Mask.

Put into a Diaper, chained up and in the Discipline Hood, I can be left there for hours.
Mistress will make me drink a lot of water and give me laxatives, so eventually I need to pee and poo.
That is what Diapers are meant for and I will be left in my wet and messy Diaper.

It may not be accurate to say " I support Diaper Discipline " but Mistress Jade believes it is essential for all Sissy Babies.
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Is mistress jade accepting new babies?

You would need to live in Perth, Western Australia, and then be prepared to be be Diapered 24/7.

To try and stop drug use, this is great. I think it should be incorporated in other areas of bad behavior as well, like theft, abuse, repeat affenders etc.. Need to add daily spanking though.


I wish I was a male. I would love to be diapered and feminized! But since I'm already a woman anyway, I guess the diapers alone will have to suffice.

i agree totaly and have been under a mild form of diaper discipline as have wet the bed my whole life and my wife now keeps me in diapers or trainers 24/7 and part of it is letting me be seen by her friends and mine and family while in my sissy diapers and this seems to work very well for me as being seen and talking with people while diapered and stuff kind of helps me to fit in what i am a sissy baby boy

I agree with this. Diapers are a great way to change a bad boys behaviour.