After 44 Yrs My Husband Left Me Because I Had To Wear Diapers======

i did not choose to wear diapers---in fact i had a bladder repair that didnt work----at 55 i became chronically ill with hep-B,and went into husband left me for his Xfiance(married) now i live alone,and im lonely,i have 3 grown children,who are busy raising my 6 grandchildren----i am a young hearted, funny 64 year old,with lots to give--------i am afraid to go into any realationship because of the hep and diapers-------who would want me???????i also have a walker--------Im a real catch--------
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No offense but your husband sounds like a jerk.

What a sad story. I was lucky my wife supported me fully while she was alive.even to the extent of telling me to get my "wet Weather gear on" when we went out. I didn't wear pads etc at home as I can usually get to the toilet OK, But when the urge comes and I am out I have a problem. I wish there were more women and/or friends like that. I hope you will find someone soon. It is hard to manage this on your own without support help

It sounds like you are well rid of him. Like one previous poster said, "You deserve the best. Go create your happiness." I couldn't have said it better.

tyvm i leave for vegas next week im done mourning,what i obviously did no==t have to begin with-----tyty

Your husband is a real jerk for leaving you. I don't understand what the big deal is about diapers. Maybe you can try AB/DL sites or try Diaper Mates and they will accept you because of their own diaper fetish. You may find older men there who are have to wear or choose to.

no tyvm,ive been burnt and not looking for a man ----especially a diaper fetish guy -----im in them because i have to be ,it wasnt a choice----tyty

No one knows what will happen to us over time. It is unfortunate that your ex-husband was not worthy of you. I understand wanting to have someone but isn't it better to have someone who wants you AND is worthy of you than someone there who doesn't. The problems you mentioned still leave you with your life. You can adapt enough to do the things you need to do and some of the things you want to do. Don't let these situations keep you from enjoying life. You deserve the best. Go create your happiness.

we have talked a lot,yr the newlywed madly in love,im the 44 yr marriage with a cheater,im terminal with 3 kids and 6 grands -i live for them now and as for me i leave for vegas wed------so as you see im not worrying about dying ,whatever i have left im living,for my kids and grands------ty again---

Honey, you have more than you know. You have humility, and humanity. Most of all you have yourself. There are many people out there who understand diapers, and use them, for need or for pleasure, or both. Anyone who doesn't understand and care for you as you are, isn't worth having. Smile and be strong.

tyvm---my husband is in an ongoing affair as we speak----im waiting for my divorce papers-----and i am strong---im off to vegas in june----tytyty

i am so soory to hear you did time and not the crime,its horrific------i am not upset or embarressed about living in diapers------it was not my choice ,and it is what it is----it does not hold me back--------i am still greiving over a 44 yr marriage with a cheater,and i hate living alone-----tyty for writing me ,i truly appreciate yr kind words ---god bless-----

Ohh dear may god bless u if i was near u I'd 've supported u a lot....


You are a worthwhile human being.There are many adults that wear diapers. Get back into Life !!


Basically, even if we are in relationships, we are living for Ourselves mostly, right? So, what I say to myself is this: do what I enjoy, watch what I want to, eat when I want to. We are alive until we arent. I could be 46 or 96 and I will probably laugh at the same types of things! We, each one of us, has the right to enjoy our life. It may look different from someone else's, but does that mean it is less than? NO

ive moved on,i had to,as for getting it together,i am booked to go to vegas with my best freind,and my brother------yr right life has to go on,and i get it-nobodys staying-----so im doing,the best i can for me and my kids and grands--------im a survivor----------ty for yr input,it all helps--------

hi ,i to am a diaper lover an i want you to know that wearing diapers is not a bad thing an doesn't make you a bad woman .i my self don't have to wear them but i like the feel of them if you want to be friends an chat about your problems i am a good listener an chatter so lets chat

tyvm,i appreciate yr concern,yes i would like to chat with you,and i too am a good listener--------thanks again-------

hi senecagirl,i am just letting you know you are not forgotten ,i'd be more than happy to chat with you .where do you live ?as for me i live in eastern iowa .i amnot here to put anyone down .i am here to help other people who have the same problems i have an to let them know other people out here do care let me know if you would like to chat sometime an i can give you my e-mail add

tyvm---im canadian