My Husband Forces Me To Wear Diapers

I have been married to him for almost three years and have been together for almost five years. I also have mental health problems and I have been stressing over money and finances and we are in the process of trying to get a house. My husband decided to force me to wear diapers 24/7 forever so he put me in them. I have been into diapers since I was nine and have been wearing off and on for nine years and he has forced me into diapers in the past but this time he decided to do it 24/7 and it's not an option. I have to wear them now and use them for everything. He says little girls don't worry about money and finances and I am his little girl now.

But I have always fantasized being forced to wear since my teens years and I dreamed of meeting a guy who would keep me in them 24/7. Now it has finally happened and since I have been in diapers; our sex has been better, my anxiety is less, I am calmer and happier, and my money obsession has been less. Its as if I need them mentally and emotionally because they seem to help me function better in a relationship because I am now more affectionate because I like being his little girl and little girls like to cuddle and be with their dads.

I enjoy this diaper punishment. No diaper humiliation of course because he would never hurt me. He said he wouldn't have done this if I didn't like it and he knows I like it and wanted to be forced so he did it for my own good because it was "something I needed." I just can't back out of it and it makes the diaper wearing more fun because I do get tired of wearing them sometimes. But I get punished if he catches me using the toilet or trying to wear panties or have them on and no diaper. I do use the toilet sometimes when he isn't home. He also changes me when he isn't in so much pain (he has birth defect in his feet so they hurt when he is on them for too long and has been working too hard).

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wish i could be forced to wear diapers 24/7

super story :)

I'm glad to hear everything is going well now that your in diapers. They do wonders.


today my wife starts to be willing to wearing diapers all day. and I will make her wear it 24/7 and tread her like a baby. I wish someday I can make her incontinence

my wife used to think that diaper is worn only by the sick and elderly. but yesterday I was finally able to change her mind. She agreed to wear diapers 24/7 so I can serve her ,spoil her and love her completely. And the important thing is that I would never hurt her and never make her as a clown joke.
so I did not force her, it was all her own decision after a few years I assured her

last night my wife started her first lesson: peeing the diaper on the bed, hugging bolsters. my wife said "I can't ...." ... Ooh yes my dear, it's needs time to get used to. But if you are used to, it would be great because I will serve you and change your diaper without you need to get out of bed. And after about an hour, she finally whispered shyly "yes, I can" ...... and then I gave her a kiss.

My husband makes me wear 24/7 as well. Although I only wet in them. I don't get a choice but that's cool, its what I want anyway.. I am a lucky woman :)

Awww, you should really stop trying to use a the toilet and accept the humility of knowing that you are not allowed and must use a diaper.<br />
Your husband sounds really sweet :)

@girlwithanxiety - good for you both that you and your husband have reached this "agreement", especially with his knowing how important it is to you. If you find yourself less anxious and calmer/happier when wearing, then why wouldn't a couple come to a fun & sexy agreement that benefits both? Good for him that he realizes the importance of your happiness enough to help you to turn your ultimate diaper fantasy into a reality! How about some stories about how you found each other and how he came to understand about your diapering needs? I'd say most of us guys that are into diapers are forever happy to learn that there are women that enjoy this fetish just as much. For the longest time, it just seemed to be really lopsided in favor or more guys in diapers than girls, but that tide seems to be changing a bit with the openess of places like EP.<br />
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@Garybaybe - Consider you're very lucky also to have a partner that doesn't take the bedwetting too seriously, and has taken a hand in controlling your problem. Again, kudos to you both for coming to an understanding that works for you both.<br />
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In my situation, my wife chokes on several aspects of diaper wearing that lead her to have a much poorer time with the whole concept. I love her dearly, but we struggle almost constantly with having it in our relationship. She views them as more of a mistress than a coping mechanism of mine, and because of that, she rarely gets to the point of it really being fun for us both. Tolerant, yes, but encouraing, no. Sort of like the wife that has an open marriage (allowing her husband to stray...), but doesn't partake herself, and then holds the whole concept of open marriage to be all of her problems in life.<br />
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BTW, we've talked 'till we are both blue in the face, but it's apparent that we're not going to solve this on our own. I'm wide open to communicating with a therapist, as long as we work on ALL of our mutual problems. I tend to consider her other "life issues" to be a far greater problem than my wearing diapers will ever be. I suspect a well informed therapist would say that we should each do whatever we feel is necessary to be "whole in the world", and if wearing a diaper is what makes a person feel whole, then why not???