Diaper Punishment

As I am writing this downstairs dressed in nothing but a thick cloth diaper ( soaked) plastic pants and a pink diaper cover that has a picture of a bottle on it and a caption that say's babies little tool and a pair of pink baby booties. Upstairs my wife and her boyfriend are having wild sex
My wife brought her new boyfriend home when I was home for the first time. They have had sex all over our house but always when I am at work.
When they came in I was in the corner wearing vibrant red panties, garter belt and hose under sheer white leggings and a red bras under a sheer white blouse. 3 inch heals topped off the outfit.

My wive introduced her boyfriend to my back and told me to turn around. There he stood 6'4 220 #'s of a muscle covering the most beautiful black skin. He was beautiful like a god. He was very sweet and smiled at me.

It was clear from the pronounced bulge in his man trousers that he was very well endowed. My tiny toy hardly made a dent in my panties. My wife told me to get the chair and place it by the living room window, then get the hairbrush and prepare myself. She took her place in the chair. She gently slid down my leggings and panties and eased me down stomach first on to her lap. In a soft voice she explained that I was not getting this trashing for being bad but just to instruct her boyfriend on the proper way to spank a sissy *** *****, cuckold husband. For the next 5 minutes she reigned blows down on my bottom with such force that I was crying by the 5th swat, begging mercy by the 25th, howling by the 100th and quietly sobbing in absolute surrender by the 125th. She then gently pulled me up by yhe ear and guided me back to the corner with my panties down by my knees and my purple blistered backside on display for anyone on the block to see through the window. Many had already heard my cry's but everyone in the neighborhood knew I got spanked by my wife and pretty much accepted it with bemusement.

After making out on the couch for about 20 minutes my wife went to my room and came back with the diapers, pants, diaper cover and booties. She asked her boyfriend to get the playpen out of the hall closet. My wife powdered and diapered me and give me a plastic bottle with nipple on it that fit over plastic litters of Sun-sweet prune juice and my laptop and put me in the playpen. As they headed upstairs to **** my wife turned her boyfriend around, lowered his boxers and showed me is 11" thick hard member. She laughed and told me to make sure to drink all my juice. That was four hours ago.
sweetmincy sweetmincy
51-55, M
May 20, 2012