Diapered At 7

I was becoming unruly at home, school and in the neighborhood. It was summer and I continued to be the terror of the neighborhood until one night my father sat me in the corner along with a police officer friend. In short I was told that I will be spending the summer in diapers or go to a boy's facility until I learned to behave. My first night diapered lasted about an hour before I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and the door was locked. There was a note, "Use your diaper". Legs crossed I had no other option but to pee in my diaper! Did I tell you I was double cloth diapered? I felt the warm pee hit my skin and the cloth diaper become wet. I screamed holy hell - and was told off to the boys school By morning I was begging to get a second chance. My diaper was changed - then as I was wattling to the kitchen for breakfast I pooped in my diaper. My father smiled and said good boy. By the end of the week I resigned my self to my punishment and used my diapers. After a week my dad realized I wasn't fussing or asking to use the bathroom, but instead just played and pee and poop when my body needed to. I becam calmer over the Summer. When Fall came and school opened I asked to be kept in diapers. Dad smiled and in front of me burned my jockey shorts. I was happy for being diapered disciplined. I've continued in my father's foot steps and currently have all three of our children in diapers. The youngest a daughter is 2 and is in diapers normally. My son who is 4 and another daughter who is 7 are in diapers for wetting the bed and talking back to their mother. It is day two of a fourteen day treatment and I know they both will fail in wetting their diapers before the 14 days is up. They will be better for their being diapered I see it in their eyes.
Billi Billi
66-70, M
Jan 21, 2013