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Anniversary Celebration Earth Hour Style

Me and my husband celebrated 15 years as a couple today and to celebrate that we decided that the whole family (me, hubby and the kids) should go out and have dinner.

I knew it was Earth Hour today and I read on facebook that a local hamburger-restaurant were going to support Earth Hour by turning of all the lights (that didn't have to be on for them to be able to do their job) in the restaurant and instead light candles on the tables and such.

And I thought that it was a great idea to both support Earth Hour and celebrate at the same time, and the family agreed.

So we dressed up, turned off all the lights at home and went. It was really beautiful with all the candles instead of the lamps and the neon-signs, we ate hamburgers and some ice-cream in the semi-darkness and then we went home again.

I was a bit sad to see that very few houses along the way home actually had turned of their lights but at least we did what we could and we had a great time too.
Faraklin Faraklin 36-40, F Mar 31, 2012

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