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I have studied the environment for over 40 years. I was there on the first Earth Day and I was nearly alone... a few stragglers came to see what I was doing even fewer stayed. I have never given up hope that someday I might find the right words ,said the right way, to the right people to make a difference. I hope I am not disappointed again.

So with no further delay I am going embark on a journey of words that will either convince you or further alienate you to caring about this world and yourselves. This will take some time before it is posted because it will be extensive.




Plastics, the bane of modern capitalistic society in America.

It has been found that plastics do NOT biodegrade in the least.

What plastics do is break up into ever smaller pieces and do so all the way down to a subatomic level.

So the bad news is that as we allow our world to unravel from the top down now we face it unraveling from the bottom up as well.

Imagine plastics at a subatomic level interfering with electrons neutrons and protons.......... Can you say "Disassemble the world as we know it?

There are other problems as well.

Birds take pieces of plastic to feed their chicks not knowing it isn’t food.

Think of what plastic as a diet would do….it stays in the system indigestible and fills the stomachs to such a degree that the chicks starve to death. All kinds of plastics are found in dead chicks, such as fishing floats, bottle caps, buttons, you name it if it is small enough to be considered as food they will feed it to their chicks.

Fish, dolphins, whales, seals, and other animals get tangled in discarded fishing nets and die for no other reason that careless disregard of safe practices by fishermen.

If you have thrown away the plastic connectors for six or eight packs of soft drink bottles or cans they can be deadly… always take a pair of scissors and cut them to keep any intact rings from snaring wildlife. Better yet, stop buying things that contain plastics as much as possible.

We have to find ways to reduce this plague... starting with everyone religiously using canvas shopping bags. There are 7 in my household... I try to always use them.

Stop with the bottled water and sodas and lets get back to glass bottles and or cans.

To do this we need to let the grocery stores know we want a cessation of the plastic bags and other plastic products. Contact state representatives and ask them to insist that your state allow only glass containers for soft drinks and other uses. This has been done in other states. They insisted on return deposit on bottles and before plastics that was the norm. Tell the representatives the new norm is no longer acceptable.

You want bottled water?

Get it from a service that delivers 5 gallon jugs and a cooler if you need it.

The bottle is reused over and over again. Even better is to pick those bottles up at the place that delivers water when you are nearby.

If you use plastic bags to pick up dog poop try to use paper bags and a scooper made of metal. Easy enough to rinse when you get home.

We can do this..............Please spread the word and recommend this to your circles

Thanks for all you do to help. Please recommend this blog.




Domesticated cats were brought from Europe and other parts of the world.

None existed in the western hemisphere until we imported them.

The average cat kills a thousand small animals in it’s lifetime.

One of the favorite prey for cats is birds.

Song birds have seen a steep decline in the past few decades some to the point of extinction. Extinction is forever. Along with the birds, so have small woodland creatures become prey for cats such as the chipmunk, the kangaroo rat and many, many more.

Please keep your cat indoors as much as possible and place a bell on it’s collar if it is going to be outdoors for any length of time.





Honey bees have seen a huge decline in the last decade due to parasites and starvation.

We with our well kept lawns, pesticides and other poisons such as herbicides, rob the bees of their source of food. Weakened, they can’t fight off the parasites and this leads to colony collapse.

UNDERSTAND THIS… without our pollinators we will see skyrocketing food prices.

Ever hear the term, “a days wages for a loaf of bread”?

It’s coming.

Here is what we can do to help our friends the honey bees.

Plant species of flowers native to your area that are known to attract honey bees.

Flowers that are not native may not be accepted by the native bees.

Plant as many flowers as you can but avoid planting near a street. Bees die when hit by cars.

It is best to plant in areas that are less a danger like back yards.

Be sure the bees flight pattern is directed upwards from the flowers if possible.

This can be done with a fence or using your home as a way to make them fly up.

This will ensure they are high enough to clear traffic if their hive is in that direction.

See EPJake’s story about bees and what kind of flowers bees like. But know this, all the flowers he speaks of are not necessarily the ones right for your area.

If you have the land to do so and want a rewarding experience with bees start a few hives.

If you want to try this contact me and I will find a few sources for you to read.

If you are allergic to bee stings understand that bees are not out to get you.

They want to be left alone. Just pay attention when you are walking in the yard barefoot so you don’t step on one.




Changing your light bulb choices can make a huge difference in the amount you pay for electricity and for your carbon footprint.

The better choices for lighting your home are LEDs Xenon, and CFLs


LED is abbreviated for Light emitting diodes and have no mercury content.

They save a ton of energy while giving off a light most people find to be quite comfortable as a replacement for their incandescent bulbs.

These little beauties can be used as Christmas or other holiday lights and will generally last longer and give a richer though a little darker color to your displays.

Take note on the package you buy, it will tell you how much other bulbs vs. the LEDs will save you in the amount of electricity used over a normal season’s burning.

If you have long fluorescent lighting fixtures these bulbs can be replaced with LED tubes. These cost more but last longer and will save a lot of money in the form of energy saved.

Xenon Lights

Xenon lights burn cooler and with less energy than incandescent.

They are great for over the counter lights attached under the upper cabinets of your kitchen. These were my choice for our remodeled kitchen and they are fantastic. Love them.


CFL is abbreviated for Compact fluorescent lights

A 4 watt bulb will give off the same or near the same light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb. Imagine the savings. Around 30 - 40 percent of your energy bill from electric is used for lighting, you do the math.

The CFL has a few drawbacks worst of which is they contain mercury. It is a must that these are recycled properly and the other is that some people find the light not as warm or comfortable.

I have CFLs on all our side the home light fixtures and some in the garage.

I have a lamp beside my recliner and two in my bedroom with those in them as well.

I have no problem with the light emitted.

If we all changed one light bulb to a different kind we could have the equivalent of taking 1 million cars off the highways.

Do like I do at my house and the cars nearly disappear from an equivalency standpoint.

You think the actions of one person doesn’t matter?

Do the math.



This relates to your heating and cooling.

Turn your system up one degree in the summer

One degree down in the winter and if we all do it we extent our planet’s resources for many years to come while cutting carbon output considerably.

Use of ceiling fans can make the savings even more.

The average ceiling runs at 28 watts on low

54 watts on medium and 98 watts on high.

Your setting on your thermostat can rise or drop considerably with use of ceiling fans.

Be sure to run on reverse in winter and only on low speed.




Get off the grid if you have the means to do so.

These are more expensive possibilities but once the initial cost is paid the rest is free.

I had a solar collector on my home for 6 years and it just kept my water in the water heater at a nice level.

If it was cloudy for three or more days I would flip a switch for my electric to come on to heat the water when necessary.

At night the electric would come on for 6 hours and then back off as the sun began to rise.

Imagine using solar energy for your water heater for 18 out of 24 hours a day most days.

The water heater is one of those energy suckers… much of your bill sits right there.

Of course if you have GAS go to one of those waterless heaters.

Hot water on demand off when you aren’t using it…………..niceeeeeee!!!


The closer grown your goods the less we spend on energy as a nation. NUFF SAID


The farther a field we go for our goods the more they cost in energy and the more our carbon footprint grows.

BUY AMERICAN whenever possible.



Did you have a garden last year?

I have had one for the last several years and there is nothing like growing your own.

Before then there was no space to have much of one but I box gardened for 5 years before.

Organic as you want and should demand.

I don’t use pesticides or herbicides I refuse.

Poisons are in the environment forever.

Want to shoo the pests from biting you? Use a little Deep Woods Off on yourself

That way you are sharing in the amount of chemicals you are putting into the environment… maybe you will use less.

Mosquitoes love dawn and dusk avoid those times for outdoor activity and use less repellant.



Plan ahead, combine trips, use your head and buy what you need, think twice about those wants.

Always look to see where a product is from.

Keep up with the latest news about problems with goods coming from one or another country. STOP buying from them.

When you look at where something is from ask yourself, “Was it worth bringing this to this store for all the expenditure of energy that took place” then ask the store owner if they could get the same or a similar item from someone nearby.


Farmer’s markets, Mom and Pop stores.

Lower overhead and friendly… heck they will probably even thank you for your business… How often do you get that anymore?



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Thank you WilliamC

Good links intake.....I would like a scientist to gather the digested materials from both of these processes to see if it was really broken completely down or if there were now just microscopic pieces of plastic left over.<br />
I had read that plastic doesn't really biodegrade but just breaks down to smaller pieces all the way to a subatomic level.<br />
This concerns me because if we get that small with our polluting agents we risk destroying the world from the bottom up as well as from the top down.

Your stock just went up to a 9.5............ that is as high as I would rate myself........to do better I would have to become rich and fund all the environmental groups until it strained my budget<br />
Thank you for the links....... I will check them out now

Yes, and yes. I have signed so many petitions to protect endangered species and have let my peeps know. I try to give 10.00 a piece to the orgs, but only once a year. I can't afford more than that. Arbor day and all the animal ones. That's all I can afford. You are right. Most peeps do not give a dang. Just don't want to be bothered from their comfort level. Just like the fair trade issues and buying sustainable coffee and tea. Nobody much gives a hoot. The world is so mass hypnotic by the media, they can't even feel the pain of little kids being forced to work on plantations while being beaten, to provide them enough chocolate enough to bathe in. I don't get it.

Not keeping score but if I was I would rate it 8.5 out of 10...........<br />
However I don't know if data is missing........Do you donate to organizations that are pro environment?<br />
Do you blog or write stories to spread the word?.........I read an article yesterday about the coming mass extinctions.......... let me end with 8.5 0ut of 10 is a very respectable score.........most of the population is<br />
uninformed or non caring............. 'tis sad

Oh, and I always used Marigolds to attract ladybugs and keep bad bugs away from my veggies, plus dishsoap water and sometimes, a little hot sauce or black pepper.

I do not like cats anywhere near me, although they are cute.<br />
I would never dream of harming a bee. I do grow flowers for them.<br />
I use the little curly Q lights, and have for many years.<br />
I do love my heat and air, but I tend to keep it at 72 degress year round. Dispicable.<br />
I have always grown my own veggies until the last year or two when my health wouldn't allow me to take the heat.<br />
I almost never drive anywhere, and give my hubby my pretty car so he can save gas going to work.<br />
What's my score, boss? :)

Thank you for the information intakerelayowl...... great strides by the youth of the world.<br />
I do hope there are no down sides to those processes

In fact, let me find the link. Children are such a blessing. They will save us from ourselves.

Update regarding plastic, elf: a boy in Canada has found a way to tur them into a fine powder and then add "bugs" similar to Rid x for septic systems. This child is only like 17 years old. Also, another child has found a similar concoction that can eat tires. I found it using my stumble button. Still not done reading the rest. Will make further commentary as I go through.

weaver use xenon or LED lights and solartubes....I recycle dangerous products but stopped buying the CFLs

CFL cause me to have migraines. The flicker light can can problems for autistic children.<br />
What about the environmental impact when these bulbs filled with mercury are not disposed of properly? Mercury will be in high doses in the water.

stevester,<br />
Although you could do more at least you are doing some things and plan to take the monster off the road for 6 of 7 days........it's all a step forward.<br />
I am buying the best windows for my home because i know they can reduce my carbon footprint.<br />
I however couldn't swing the extra 13,000 dollars to get a hybrid so i settled for a ScionXB which gets <br />
10 mpg better than my previous car. Because I sell home improvement products I drive a lot but now I am polluting less because I am buying less gas and driving further for that less gas.<br />
You could do more and I could do more.......I continually look for other things I can do.......I hope you will too.

I do many of the things you advocate. I hate bottled water, just a waste of money. I grow stuff, recycle and all. But I undo it all by driving a huge gas guzzler. I am now facing up to the harsh reality of getting rid of my M5. Actually I won't, I'm buying a small diesel job and will only drive the monster on sunny Sundays. Can't help feeling demoralised in the face of the destruction. But I suppose we have to try our best

Thank you Evernight for all you do to help our environment.<br />
If we can't help our planet then the cause is lost.

They may need a collar with jingle bells all around it.<br />
Better yet they should be kept indoors if at all possible... but especially during mating season for birds.<br />
<br />
When I first wrote this blog I got several who were somewhat offended by the cat comment but they are not indigenus to N. America and they destroy many songbirds and other small animals.<br />
If you keep them outside I promise for every animal you have found that they killed there are many more that went undiscovered.

Thanks dawnriser.... I joined and will go back and post a story but have found my blogs and stories get more comments than anywhere else I have left info or comments.<br />
To get the point across and win over more converts I would post all over the web

I think part of the problem is that we haven't got it all together!<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Am-Trying-To-Be-Eco-friendly/112581" target="ep_blank">http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/A...</a>

Thanks swirlingmist............. 8 comments on such an important subject......... maybe I am in the wrong place to be spreading the word.............. it's sad

I certainly give a damn and I definitely agree!

thanks camael................ smiles

I got more comments on this outside of R, R and R....:-(

these are really good ideas friend!

these are really good ideas friend!

lol hiya Bebe you could copy and paste from there or what wver but a rec would be great... smiles