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Whilst we as individuals have a great responsibility to minimize our impact on the planet, large corporations and of course government are positioned to make the greatest impact. In Europe, recycling gives a measure of how committed member states are. Germany, has reached close to 90% recycling domestic waste. In Ireland it's just reaching 25%. The chase started a little late over here. In an effort to persuade/coerce people to manage their waste more effectively, local authorities in Britain are enforcing by laws that permit the imposition of pretty severe fines on householders for various offences. But these things are just headliners for the tabloids. The real story lies in design. All products should be designed to be recycled. This could be built into the design and production protocols. I give a case in point. Milk is delivered to my house. It used to be in a glass bottle which could washed and reused. then it arrived in a cardboard paper tetrapak. It could be recycled. Now it arrives in a tetrapak that has a plastic insert with a screw on lid. This mixes two materials that require different treatment for recycling. Looks like a backward step.

On the positive side the recycling site near my home is very well organized and sees an increasing number of people using it. Are we too late to save the I don't think so but we do need to get commitment from big industry and government?

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Big corporations bear the major responsibility but i don't trust them to deliver. Transferring manufacturing to third world countries and exploiting their lack of regulation is just one way they continue to wreak havoc on our environment. Government regulation is limited becasue it doesn't deal with increasing globalisation. Once I hear that plastic bags cover base camp on Everrest and Lake Biakal suffers pollution I feel it's time to give up.

It's such a bummer that some governments really prefer money over saving the planet. I don't blame them, it's the perfect way of getting ahead in international markets. <br />
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Do really try to understand that this "saving the planet" idea the world is bombarding you with these last years is a huge megatrend that gives the bigger corporations that practice these ways a big boost in the right direction. So it's still about money, but in a more responsible way.

Absolutely!!!!!!!!!<br />
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