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I'm really happy with this year because Malaysia have participate in the world clebration on conserving earth. I also really proud because all my family seem concer with this matter that have effect the earth so much. When I mentioned about earth hours, my family came to a debate about global warming and the rise of sea water level. For the past 3 years, my family have came to the conclusion in changing our domestic rubbish management. We have start the campaing on using papar bag insted of plastic bags. We also have seperated our rubbish according to it calssification for easy to recycle. I'm very proud because my parents, both aware about the harmful causes that came from CFC. Therefore, my parents have reduce the usage of aircond and turn it to new enviromental friendly air cond. Shockingly, we have lower our monthly electrical bill to about RM 200. So, with that little effort that we done hopefully the earth will be secured and preserved forever. I support 60 EARTH HOURS. REMEMBER VOTE FOR EARTH........

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thanx socrates1984 for that great to know.....

Whilst I acknowledge the prerogative of all individuals to<br />
believe what they are told without question,I will not be one of the millions of Orwellian "good-thinkers" who accept whatever the prevailing orthodoxy is,unquestionably.Prior to Global Warming we had Climate Change,and prior to this we had the Green House Effect,the latter resulted in the banning of CFC'S<br />
(Chloroflurocarbons).Does anyone know the real reason for the banning of CFC's,who instigated and financed the campaign,who the dupes were that ensure the success of the campaign,and how many billions of dollars the architects of this scheme were going to earn in profits from securing the patent rights of Flurocarbons,the replacement for the banned CFC's? <br />
As an aside CFC's are heavier than air and can be poured from one bucket to another,which means that they could not simply float up into the upper atmosphere<br />
and destroy vast amounts Ozone (O3),they would have be carried there by some other means.Moreover,commercial airplanes destroy volumes of Ozone,the eqivalent of Sydney Harbour.<br />
Finally,for those who consider that are not Orwellian "good-thinkers may be interested in three articles The End of "Global Warming",Confessions of an ex-GW Scientist,and The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam,published in the magazine Uncensored,March-June 2009 Issue.<br />
Go to<br />
PS:I am not suggesting that are not any human activities/actions that need to be modified,or eliminated<br />
for the betterment of the world environment in general,but I am not naive enough to believe that there are not some groups who will use any means valid,or invalid,to achieve a specific result,that is in" their"best interests,not the world's.

I donated 500 points to EP for Earth Hour.......

Me, too! And that's great that you have been able to help your family and your community in this way. We'll be in the dark on the 28th -- all of us as one!