We Have Our Own Earth Hour At My House

Every day at my house is earth hour. We have changed over to all CFC lightbulbs, all unused plugs are unpluged and all power strips are turned off when not in use. Most of the time we have a computer going and I even listen to my music on my computer. No TV's, games, and other power hungry things are on slurping up kwh's like a mad drunk on a binge. We have energy efficient appliances and a weathertight home. I am all for Earth Hour. I think we need to be mindful of these things more than one hour, one day a year.

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I approve of you V and I love your house! I especially covet your Prius! I opted for the Honda Civic Hybrid because in 2005 I would have had to wait 6 months for a Prius and my daughter turned 16 and was dying to get her hands on my Nissan X-Terra. So, here we are 4 years and 105k miles later and I still love my little HCH which averages 46mpg, mostly country driving. We live in a log cabin and have had to do some work on it because of settling but we have it nearly air tight and all od the energy saving bells and whistles. I'm dying to go solar and someday be off the grid but we cannot afford to live that dream right now. I can only watch "Living with Ed" on Planet Green and dream of the day............:-) Thanks for sharing the pictures!

I approve of you and your house Jojo :P<br />
<br />
My wife and I are living in our first house, we had it built last year and moved into it in August. It's an energy star home with all energy efficient appliances (and of course light bulbs) and we absolutely love it because we got to design everything about it. We also love our Prius that we bought last year as well. I wish there had been an American equivalent to it at the time, but there wasn't. <br />
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You can check out a slideshow of my house here, pics were taken last year:<br />
<br />

Come to my house anytime, Andrew! I'll cook you a great meal!<br />
Congratulations on the new niece! A new bundle of love to love! That's the ultimate. I'll read your blog in a while, my stunt wobbler is on his way over! I have his berries washed and waiting for him to gorge himself on!

Thank you Andrew! Those electric cables are a bugger, aren't they. A new one for every damned appliance! I think it's a huge crime that all those cords aren't universal! We end up with 500 cords and not knowing what the heck they go to anymore! Anyway, most things are unplugged when not in use. It became a habit when the house was struck by lightening a few years ago and my washer, dryer and TV were zapped! Never again!

If everyone would just change the one lightbulb they use the most, that would be a start!

We have changed most of the light bulbs, and A few other earth proctecting thingsI do hope we will do better..:)

you go girl- you rock!

Once you get used to it, it just takes a second!

I wish I could remember to do all of that at home. :)

If only! I was shocked when I learned how much power is wasted in the average household by phantom energy use.<br><br />
just imagine the businesses too! Power hungry in more ways than one is right!

So true! Imagine what the world would be like if everyone just did SOMETHING to save energy! We are a power-hungry world, in more ways than one!