Yeah, I Do It Too.

Yeah, I save energy. I do it to save money. I don't care about my carbon footprint. Just the opposite. I have no children, so I make my mark however I can. I let my car run until it overheated. I can't figure it out. Why does it do that? '95 Grand Am, by the way,....Split year. OBDI and OBDII. Yeah, fun. I've taken it to two different shops. I've worked on it myself. It's a ******* shitbox.

And why does it matter? Aren't we all better off without all that technology? I can work on 70's era cars. And where do you really need to go. I can work on 90's era **** too. But either my hands are getting bigger, or the spaces in between various components are getting smaller. I choose the latter.

I'm starting to hate newer cars. The nuts and bolts I can do. Computers, No Senor, no English. Por favor. Oh ****, I don't even care anymore. I'm gonna let my lights burn all night.

Socklord Socklord
31-35, M
Mar 21, 2009