The Trap

Imagine some of the most beautiful people in your life: your child, mother, spouse, etc. And then imagine them suffering from not eating enough or eating too much because somehow they feel they are not beautiful. Imagine the most beautiful rose in the garden that somehow refuses the adequate amount of sunlight and water to maintain it's well-being and then imagine this rose slowly falling apart, petal by petal.

Now, imagine yourself in a room with no door and with walls that talk to you; these walls become active during the thought of food. For some, they shout more and more "No, you shouldn't eat. You're not beautiful enough and you're too fat! Look at wall #3. He will form a mirror and show you! Don't eat!". And for others they say "Hey my friend. You've had a very stressful day. But guess what? We have food and THIS is the source of your happiness. You are a very unhappy person and you should eat as much as you can! The more fattening it is, the happier you are :)"

It may not go exactly like that for many, but it's clear that they are indeed trapped into the extreme sides of eating. They need compassion and help from those of us that don't have an eating disorder. So ladies and gentlemen :) Let's understand what this condition is and help tear down these walls so that they could be free to blossom like the rest of us

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Thank you for reading it :)

WOW tummie, this post means a lot.<br />
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*hugs* It gets tough and their are days when I feel better but inevitably, I relapse.<br />
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it means a lot to know there are such compassionate people out there

You're welcome! And I hope that soon you will be able to eat a slice of strawberry cheesecake!

Wow, for not having an ED, you have a good grasp of the restrictive EDs. I did like the box metaphor and in my box there would probably be a scale in there too, right next to the mirror.<br />
The outside walls look very different from the inside walls and that's why we should tear them down.<br />
Truth is that lately, I sometimes wish I could be my friends who post facebook statuses about enjoying a certain desert or cheese cake or a home cooked meal. I wish I could just enjoy a hot fudge sunday or a piece of cheese cake without fussing about the calories. I wish I could throw food into my mouth and get what I'd like to eat, without thinking about it or analyzing it.<br />
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I'm reading about emotional eating and non eating, and I think that they have very similar roots, just different ways of coping. In my case, not eating and restricting myself is a way of coping with overwhelming feelings of guilt and feeling non-worthy. <br />
It's an interesting topic to explore.<br />
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Thanks again for creating this group. :)