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3 Lions - Baddiel/Skinner/Lightning Seeds

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist!

mizzen123 mizzen123 46-50, M 14 Responses Jun 11, 2010

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No, it won't go to them.....(closes eyes)

As long as it does not go to P.........( can't bring myself to say the word!)

Yes, we will(y) indeed! <br />
<br />
I think we have a chance. The Germans looked on fire against the Socceroos, but have been a bit indifferent since then. We still need to up our game, but we are capable of doing it.<br />
<br />

Come on England - <br />
<br />
The nation expects & needs a win against the Germans<br />
<br />
We will all be watching & praying on Sunday afternoon

hehe, thank you my kindred for your, ahem, support, the kind of support I like to see ;-) xxx

I am seeking St. George Cross lingerie to support them. :) I know it's winter, but... hehehe.

Thank you for your cheer for England, my twin :-)<br />
<br />
We need all the support we can, especially now we will be facing Germany in the last 16!<br />
<br />

as I told another here in my family, I am sooooooooooo not into soccer, but I cheer for those in my family who are! *angel does a cheer for England* xxoo T~

GO ENGLAND..... BarryBabe (myself, of course) loves you!! I love mizz too. It was too bad about the 'Roos going out a few hours ago, but I'm still smiling.

Thanks CC :-) I'm sorry that South Africa couldn't quite get there, but at least they went down with a fight. As for England, nce again it's Germany!


hehe, and you know I like Holland, after England, naturally :-D

ChiliBeckham, they did today :-) If they can play a little more like they did today, they have a chance of going further!

the three lions. play with pride and glory.