As Soon As I Find Out How.

To be honest, it's a concept I've only recently learned of, from flutterbly here on Ep.  But I like the idea, and am keeping my eyes open for opportunities.  So far, the only fair trade products I've found are chocolates, jewelry, and music.  But I'll keep looking!

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I only buy FT bananas .............. <br />
<br />
Guess what Ladies .... Today in work we are comissing a new machine we designed and built ...... its a snowball making machine and we have lots and lots of product to sample Mmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!! Nice moist coconut over two half sponge shells and jam filled.<br />
And i can also double up tp make Empire Biscuits ... Mmm<br />


I love to watch deer. And I am not a hunter, and will not kill one. But that doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed venison.

ill tell you what theyre used for..... trapped girls in the corner of the playground and forcing them to eat them, or chocolate covered insects, being threatened with threats of not coming to birthday parties or telling the teacher you didnt do your homework.<br />
thats what theyre used for. and the scarred me for life.

No. Antelope, but no deer.

I attended a university with a wildlife preserve management degree. They had herds of African animals for the students to learn on, and had to cull the herds periodically, so they had a barbecue fundraiser.

I'll stick to some of the more normal protein forms I've had, like gator, wildebeest, frog legs, zebra, lion...<br />
<br />
Some day I'll try escargot. But not today.

Several of the gift shops here in Las Vegas sell lollipops with crickets, or with those worms they put in mescal bottles. But not to me!

Ewwwwwwww! Our culinary class last week was discussing insects as protein in world cuisine. I'm just not that brave!

Shut your mouth, flutter. As my grandma would say, you'll catch a fly! :-)

Ah! These dang emoticons! EBun - Fail!

Ah! Thanks, LTD. Now I can add clothes to the list.<br />
<br />
And flutter, why for you stick your tongue out at me? I'll pull it!