I Have Been With

The Fox News Network, since the spring of 2001!  As a kid I always watched adn supported NBC,CBS, ABC, and CNN.  These news networks have became a Liberal Network, and I do not care much for liberals, they are destorying our country, just look at this President, he has torn this country apart.  Why, are we fighting between our self over this Health Care Bill.  Why, are we fighting between, our selfs over bailing the stupid companys the waste our money, let's take a look, Bank Of America, General Motors, Ford, Citi Bank, and other's.  I am sick and tired of this crap, it goes on,and on, and on, everyday.   I don't watch NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN, anymore.  The One I watch is FOX NEWS NETWORK,  this is my choice and my families choice, and I have my friends watching Fox News Network.  They, are honest, realiable, they do not take side.  There used to be the Republican Party,

Democratic Party and then a small group of liberals.  But, now you have the Republician Party, The Liberal Party, and he Socialist(democratic) Party.  Our government is turning the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, into RUSSIA.

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010