My Story

I was in a meanally abusive marriage for 52 years stayed in it. My 50 year old son who lives in Spokane cancer I went there to help him through all the chemo and radiation it was awful to see him suffer so much by the way he is doing okay now . Isn't that great. This was when my husband took all our savings changed the bank account to his name only , he did leave the other account we had alone so I could get my Social Security check not a very big check but I still am thankful I have it. Sure did not see this coming he also sold my car. Then he asked for a divorce he is with his 44 year old girlfriend he is 76, I sure did not see that coming. I am disabled with lung problems and a few others problems. I now have to walk and find a bus to get to my Dr.'s appt or get groceries or do anything that  is hard as I have osteoarthritis also need new knees will not get them though . So I was left with no savings no car no house I found a appt. and am getting by on my Social Security. I have a hard time getting to go anywhere. I am thankful I have this appt and my SS check . I need a car so bad. I know there are so many people like me and I pray for all of them everyday as I knlow what they are going through.  Thats my story , I am sure there is many that atre worse tham mine I live in Muskogee OK. Have a Blessed Day. Kat267

Kat267 Kat267
Feb 24, 2012