Freecycle Is Awesome!

We opened the first group in our state back in 2004.  After the first couple of months, ikt caught on like wildfire.  The main moderator got sick and I took over at the helm moderating the group while she was out.  This was great for me as I was recovering from a series of difficult surgeries -- and this gave me a great place to focus, a way to gift my time and somewhat limited energies.  By the next year I was working side by side with Deron Beal, Freecycle's founder, daily.  I loved being involved in helping out and using my "before illness" working skills.

I've said many times that I believe Freecycle saved my life -- and that is TRUE.  Without a cause to believe in and a way to help, I'm not sure my recovery would have been as successful.  I LOVE Freecycle!

All of this said, it is AWESOME having a place to gift to others, a way to help positively rid ourselves of the loads of stuff we tend to accumulate.

As someone else already stated, Freecycle ROCKS!  

sagemoonspirit sagemoonspirit
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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

Thank you for sharing your story!