New To Freecycle And Loving It!

I was soured by the process at first because I tried - literally - for years to sign up.  Each time I received a rejection email and couldn't figure out why.  Finally, when a good friend of mine told me she had started doing it and loved it, I became vigilant.  I'm one of those freak recycler/composters who actually feels GUILTY each time I throw something away.  It's kind of becoming an obsession...

Anyway, I FINALLY got on, got accepted, and navigated my way through the process.  I have gotten rid of pet supplies, a vacuum cleaner, flower pots, and a fire pit all in the past 3 weeks.  My basement looks great!  Plus I got a brand new wooden cutting board and a blood glucose monitor for my dog who we just learned is diabetic.  (Those things run about $80.  That was a god send!)  

I think Freecycle REALLY reinforces what community is all about.  It is a great way to recycle and keep items from ending up in a landfill or filling up your living space.  But what I like more than anything is the feeling of providing something to someone who really needs it.  It's much easier to give things away when you realize how much of a difference something you don't need anymore can have on someone else.  I have been an avid ebayer and craigslister as well, and when I need a few extra bucks I still opt for these sites.  But when I simply need to purge - (which is more often than not!)  Freecycle is the way to go!  

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Thank you for sharing your story!