Freecycle Is Genius!

Freecycle helped me moved a lot of items in a short span of time, saving me a lot of time and gas and plus it was great for my heart! I had a garage full of junk that my ex left behind and a house full of furniture that I wanted to get rid of before making the move across the US. I wanted to get rid of what I no longer needed, no use for and didn't like anymore. I did not have the time to have a garage sale nor did not need money from them. I was ready to give it all away for free, so I listed many offers day after day of all sorts of things on Freecycle. It was a great success! People wanted what I had to offer within 24 hours and came to take them off my hands. This saved me so much gas money in hauling them to thrift stores or landfill. I was really happy to see people have appreciation for something that they would use or needed. It felt great to clear out some clutter, downsize and start fresh, living my life more simplier.

If I had a bunch of knick-knacks or various items that were too varied to list individually, I would do a free table out front with a "Free" sign on it and let Freecyclers know that I had a "free items table" available for their taking. I did this several times and every time, it was cleaned out! Wow! Don't underestimate the power of Freecycle. That one thing that you think no one would want does actually get taken!

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@4vrUnique - it's not exactly the same, no; but it's not that far apart.<br />
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We're an environmental group concerned with keeping things our of landfills. As easy and fun way to do this is to give the items away to a member of your local community who can reuse it.<br />
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This might be someone who is just looking for the item you're offering, but it might be someone who's really in dire need; you never know to what extent you'll be able to help someone, but help someone you will! :)<br />
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And, you're doing your bit for the environment - so everyone really gets something out of it.<br />
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Giving to a charity is a valuable thing, and we're not discouraging that in any way. In fact, we encourage non-profits to come take part in Freecycle. It's just another way, and it has a definite environment flavor to it.<br />
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If you're interested, check out and search for your local group

Mmm, I had never heard of this. In the past I would give items I didn't think I could sell to a charity so they would sell them or give them to needy people in the county. I guess this isn't considered the same thing. <br />
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Its nice to get some things for free when you can't afford the new versions.

Thank you for sharing your story!

I love freecycle. It is one of the best sites I have ever been involved with.