Flash Back

I just got done reading darelens story I Adore Fruit Trees. I am going on vacation where most my family grows fruit trees as far as the eyes can see. Woe i had forgot what it was like to plant fruit trees. Sometimes in life you are dealt the hand of cards you so wish you were dealt. So you move on and put it all behind you. After i read darlenes story i said to my self dude how could you forget where you came form. It takes a lot of years of forgetting to do so. I flashed back as a little kid standing on a latter picking apples, pears, cherry's which to this day cherry's were a ***** to pick. I flashed back remembering pruning trees, i flashed back to painting the bottom of trees. I love trees i miss the trees more then anything. It is going to be just to cool to go back and try to find the tree through the forest. Thanks darlene for helping me remember the trees. (allsosad)
allsosad allsosad
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

I'm glad my story inspired all those memories. I would love to hear more about those trees someday.

knight3333 thank you they are a lot of work and the fruits are so worth it.

They are alot of work,but worth every minute of it !