I Have Always Suported Gay Marriage

I have supported gay marriage for almost 25 years now. I am not gay but I do have gay friends, to be honest, my son's godmother is gay. When I got married, three days before the ceremonies we went to the county courthouse. It was there that the legal part of the marriage took place, not in the church or on the day of the wedding. It was that day when she became my closest living relative. Even over my parents. Oh and by the way in the USA do we not have a constitution which states there shale be no laws dived from any religion?
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I am not sure what your comment has to do with gay marriage, or with religion. However, I once gave the youth sermon at my church on how the bible's desc<x>ription of creation and evaluation co-inside.

Is There anyone out there who feels from deep within their inner being ,that they are truly not from earth and that their cycle of life began in the cosmos and they are from the D.N.A of God.Not some God created from politics and religion,but rather a non-gender being that has guided or lives through free will and free choice.<br />
A Supreme Being that designed a perfect plan that includes all human kind,not to restrict or forbid us from learning but just the opposite to let us explore our planet our cosmos through all of our senses, all our technology,to laugh sing and dance like children regardless our age.A Supreme Being that can show us God in the Bible and National Geographic.That God is just a Logo and it is up to each human to find their way back to the beginning far beyond ten thousand years or even the 13.7 billion yrs as calculated by man.."Is There Anybody Out There"?