I Am Not Gay But...

I support gay marriage because if they are in love they have a right to be together forever. It is their decision and not anybody else's. It's like disapproving a marriage that you don't even know the couple and you're already judging them. Haven't they ever heard of 'Only God Can Judge Me'!? They should be able to choose their way of life since they are old enough to know better if they are at the age to get married. No one should tell you that you can't get married because it is all YOUR decision. If God didn't want gay marriage he would never have made them fall in love with each other for no reason.
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Love is just love...... and i believe everyone should have an opportunity to say " I Love You " regardless of their sexualities....straight or gay

Thanks for your support

Thank you this was very well written and I agree.

I totally agree with you, all people should be allowed to marry if they love one another. Bravo for being so young and having such a great sense of right and wrong !! It is so very refreshing !!

Hell Yes!! Thank you for putting it in such simple words. You used nice small and to the point words that even the most ignorant pin heads should be able to understand.