Explaining Gay Rights To Idiots

I find this infographic very helpful when trying to appeal to the good nature of certain folks who STILL refuse to acknowledge the validity of the rights of others. It is cutely sarcastic, yet straight to the point. We ought to have it placed in many public spaces.

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Love the post :-D<br />
Just remember when you try to make something idiot proof all that happens is that someone makes a better idiot ;-)


I can't wait for things like California's ridiculous Proposition 8 to be fully reviewed by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). It will be thrown out without question!!! There is already case law and Constitutional basis for it gay marriage to be fully legal.<br />
<br />
1. Amendment I to the Constitution of the United States--no law can be made regarding establishment of religion. I don't care if you think a supreme being made the universe or if it was crapped out the backside of an interstellar goat, no law can be made that upholds one religious view over another.<br />
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2. Amendment XIV to the Constitution--equality for all. All citizens have the same rights and no citizen can be given rights that supersede the rights of another without due process of law. Your rights end where mine begin, and unless I have violated someone else's rights and been convicted of said crime, my rights cannot be taken away.<br />
<br />
3. Judgment by SCOTUS on Loving v. Virginia--"marriage is a basic civil right". Read the decision, case law is important here.<br />
<br />
Do we really need to look further?

In 4 months, how does this only have 15 rates??

Lol thank you :)

i just need a way to leave with out hurting my kids in the process because I think so we are good and you're really not so they wouldn't understand it would come out of the blue for them

Pissed my pants... funny.... but I do want to say there is a religion that allows the dead to be married...so take that american government!

Do you have one for feminism and patriarchy?

I am sure one exists (I found this on reddit) :p

No no, I was saying the righties are comparing it to marrying corpses, and haha that is actually going on and protected as religious freedom....lol

Great post & a great explanation. Gay rights are actually human rights. It seems that the U.S. is a democracy except when certain aspects of society love each other and want to make it official. I'm not sure why it's such a hot button issue in the States, when, for the most part, it does not seem to be a problem here in Canada.

As a straight, conservative, christian, male from Texas, I think gay marriage should be allowed. I bet that is a shocker for everyone. Personaly, I don't understand how a small goverment conservative could ever say that they should restrict what two consenting adults do and constitutionally, I do believe you are correct but look at it from this perspective.<br />
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If Adam and Steve or April and Samantha get married and then they get divorced, who gets the house, the car, alimony, who automatically gets the kids? Who gets to take all the assets and who has to pay? <br />
<br />
Why should straight men be the only ones to suffer? I think there are a lot of straight men out there who would kill for the deal gays have right now. Live together as you want and when you want to leave take your crap and leave. In this state right now if she stays at my place a couple of nights and claims she is my wife she can sue me for divorce even though we never had a marriage liscense. I think that you better look around at your straight married friends and ask them what they think.

In all honesty, I believe the concept of marriage to be severely flawed. You have a really good point. People when not allowed to marry have Different options. Marriage is essentially a property arrangement and our entire society has been built to reflect that. To obtain certain benefits, in some cases a person needs to be married by the state. The ideal is that two people fall in love, get married and stay in love, stay married. That very rarely happens and was not the original purpose for marriage. Marriage was a way to obtain certain status and property and was not a based on equality. A man could have as many wives as he desired and the wives had no say, they were objects. LGBTQ people should have the same rights as everyone else, but it would be a whole lot better if everyone was not forced to partake in ancient institutions that breed abuse, resentment, jealousy, ect.

You are quite a gal....and thank you for helping to explain things to people who might hurt my sweet sister's feelings...what a difference you are making as you walk your life on earth. Atta girl, Gil!

I love this...rating it up!

LMAO...I give my toaster consent ! Wonderful post and I hope all the people against gay marriage come to realize when it comes down to two consenting adults, if its love its not wrong !!

wow that is hilarious! and oh so true. poor toaster :(

Love this post!

Because the creator of mankind said it is wrong, it's wrong, so you better worry about what the Lord God says instead of how your loins feel!

Do you wear garments made of two different kinds of cloth? Better start praying to baby Jesus, because there are plenty of other things in Leviticus that you've probably missed.

haha exactly!



Not all people against gay marriage are religious. I also find it funny, in an ironic sort of way, that people asking for tolerance for the gay lifestyle tend to be very intolerant of religion or religious people.

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Loved this. Thanks for posting.

Completely agree about the ludicrous explanations coming from the right against gay marriage. I have heard a politician say things like consent to gay marriage will promote people who want to marry their horse, etc. Their excuses are enough for any sound, logical person to realize who is behind the "sane" line of the argument. <br />
<br />
The Christian Conservatives want the government and churches to dictate who people can marry, then from the other side of their mouth, they're on television talking about how the gov't has gotten too big and how Capitalism means freedom to conduct business without gov't interference. They want no government regulations - unless it comes to government regulations on who people can and cannot marry.

Well said! I really wish the Conservative Christians would just leave the whole issue alone. They use the bible to explain everything yet only acknowledge a third of the material, so they basically just cherry pick the parts they like.

lmao! oh I luff this! rating up! hahahahaha!

This is fuggin' great-explain it to meh like I were a child-I believe there are folks who sadly still won't git it!