Stand Up For Your Right To Marry And Look Good Doing It!

In my one of many, late night crawls around the net. I came across this line of T-shirts and I fell in love. Simple and to the point the shirts point out the importances and point of gay and lesbian unions by saying “Why Knot?”. In the center of this important statement is the two intertwined hearts. ”Why Knot”, could it not be said with more class to simply silence the other side.
The designers of the brand of T-shirts are a pro-gay rights band/DJs out of Hartford, CT called WithoutAband. DJ Sinestro from the duo states’” We wanted to share our support, and help others to do it also. We do so many weddings gay or straight and all we see is people who love each other. So the statement “Why Knot” came to mind. Ren , vocalist from WithoutAband agreed by saying,” As an educator of 9 years I have taught the works of Dr.King. I have also taught my students to stand up for their rights and the rights of others. How could I tell them this and not do the same.
The most important thing about the T without being classless or trashy it makes a statement that has no response “Why Knot”. The shirts come in many styles for both men and women and nothing over $20. As a solder for gay rights this is a must have suit of armor. You can pick one up today at
martin316 martin316
May 18, 2012