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Do Not Take This The Wrong Way, But

I will not be adding any more homosexual men to my grope anymore. It is true that I support them, & I have made stories on how I defend them (that no one comments on), but lately, I've been getting invites by only gay men, & even though I support them, I'm quite uncomfertable about getting so many invites by gay people than from girls. I'm mainly here for sexual purpuses, & I donot do that with men.....unless its about us talking about hot women. Theres this one guy who thought I was gay, & I was like no. I like women, not men.

Again, I support gays, **** gay haters, but I don't want anymore gay friends. I have enough already.
SecretHentaiBoy SecretHentaiBoy 22-25, M 1 Response Jun 6, 2012

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No, its just I'm mainly here to share my sexual fethishes that I want to have with women. Also, I'm not scared of people thinking Im gay, I just think gay people are thinking that I. It's the only explination I can come up with for why I'm attracting so many gay men. I'm use to ******** thinking negativaly about me, but I just want to be myself, & talk about naked girls, & I can't talk about that with a gay guy, nor do I even want to. I can't talk about **** to a person who wants ****.<br />
<br />
By the way, what do you mean by "turned off a lot of society by your attitude"? I only turn down ********, not normal people. What did I do that is so wrong? 0.o