Top Three Reasons That People Appose Gay Marriage.

1. Religion. In many cases in the Bible does it state that yes, marriage should be between a man and woman. In the world we live in, it is incredibly different and people have changed. Yes, I believe in God and have nothing against the Bible, I am just saying things have changed.
2. Political Ideology. Democratic and republican beliefs are entirely different. In most cases stereotyping is put into play and democrats are believed to support gay marriage and Republicans apples it. Not true. I'm a staunch conservative, and support gay marriage.
3. Our Modern Society. In the society we live in, many still appose gay marriage, and if you are in a group that doesn't support you will be an outcast if you support. Fitting in is the only thing that most people are concerned with today and it changes the way many people look at things.

Honestly, I will support you whether your gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgendered. Everybody wants to be accepted and hiding those things about us, is the only way to accomplish just that.
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Well, what was considered religion a thousand years ago we now call "mythology." It is a safe bet that, if mankind is around a thousand years from now, today's religions will also be considered myths. While everyone is entitled to his or her beliefs, none are anything more than beliefs. No one may legitimately impose their beliefs upon people who do not share those beliefs. Religion cannot be a basis for rules of law that apply to all.

Thank you.