I Support Gay Marriage....

I have had that supernatural exchange of faith through Jesus Christ. Yet I do not call myself a christian. I refuse to do that. I follow Jesus. I follow God. God loves every single gay, LGBT etc person in the world. God supports each and every gay etc person with His love, His grace and His understanding. Every gay person is just like us. We are just like them. We all suffer from some sort of pain or suffering condition. God cares more about our hurts and pains than He does gay marriage or sexual gratification with the same sex. God cares more about how hurt we are than what we are doing. God cares for us so much and wants us to come to Him to find healing, peace and joy.
BUT THOSE CRAZY CHRISTIANS OUT THERE.... make it almost impossible for the gay community to love God. They force the bible, they force their opinions, they force and force and force. God is not a God of force. But a God of love and tenderness and understanding. All of you out there who are gay, TG etc.... do not look at the mainstream christianity to see who God is. Look for yourselves, if you want, to God and ask Him what He thinks. Between Sarah Palin and those crazy christians who want "gay therapy", it is very very sad to see that they themselves don't see how hurtful and painful they are to outsiders... they dont see who they really are...hateful, critical, judgmental etc.
I never say that I am a christian because (refuse to say that) it is embarrassing. Immediately I would be put into the same category as mainstream christianity or all those "chick-fil-a" people. That cannot happen. GOD CARES MORE ABOUT OUR PAIN AND OUR SUFFERING AND HOW HE CAN RELIEVE IT, THAN HE DOES WHAT WE DO. NO MATTER WHO WE ARE. God bless us all. Love and peace to you all :)
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I love the way u think and put a voice to it.
LOVE is what God is about and why he gave his Son Jesus. Love people not man made laws and conditions. He loves everybody and yes even the sinner. We are saved by grace not judgment and condemnation due to our sexual oriantation or preference.
Our God is an awsome God, he knows and understands and waits for us.

I forgot to put 2 thoughts on my post. I know you already know this, but I decided to post it, just in case someone else doesn't know...
When "christians" focus on gay marriage, or gay sexual orientation ... they are focusing on the wrong area of life. For many gay, TG etc people their choice to be gay, TG or what have you, comes out of pain and childhood trauma and abuse. The same with any addiction .. etc etc etc. God through Jesus Christ will address the hurt and pain and heal that hurt and pain, which in turn will exchange that hurt and pain for truth and wellness and emotional/mental health .. which in turn will automatically take away actions or choices that hurt us and are not pleasing to God. But God is just not pleased with us and we have to figure something out on our own.. the Holy Spirit will heal us and we become more like God.
The other thought I forgot to put down was mainstream christianity does not see that their force and law against the gay community (or whatever) comes from hate and anger... Mainstream christianity needs to allow the Holy Spirit to heal them first, before they can "go out and love the world". Right now mainstream christianity are not doing a good job, loving the world as God loves the world.
So anyway, there are my two cents I forgot to post before.
LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!! Be well and free