I Want To Get Married

Iam a gay man and yes I support gay marriage and I think more and more people are accepting it I hope to one day exchange vows with my future husband and exchange rings and see our name on a marriage license
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4 Responses Jan 19, 2013

They are starting to allow it in more states.. Hope you do soon..Good Luck.. !!! i am so sorry i didnt take the time before to check this out.. Please forgive me. !!!!! xx

Thank you

I support gay marriage. My cousin Ruben finally married his partner Nick of 17 years. It was so beautiful, there bulldog Lola carried the rings. The family was there supporting them as well as close friends. We had a ball. Next is my sister to her partner of 10 years. I will be there supporting them. I hope soon u will be looking at your names on that license. I think more are accepting it & for those who don't, plz just look the other way and RESPECT IT!

wein the uk have state civil partnerships between gays. they are changing law to aow marriage....long over due...bout tie my partner made an honest man out of me after over 26 years!

Looks like you could get your wish, if only more states would allow this.

True I live in New Mexico so I hope they allow it

For your sake me too