Straight Marraige Is The Real Abomination

Hear me out.

there's a lot of outcry about how gay marriage is a threat to 'traditional family values' and against the bible and all that bullshit, but in actuality, the heterosexuals defiled the biblical concept of marriage first, and have been doing so for over 100 years.

Point of fact, legally married couples are committing a greater sin than the homosexuals are. The sin they are committing is punishable by death, according to the book they use to condemn and judge homosexuals; Leviticus.

You see, biblically, love and devotion is irrelevant to marriage. In the bible, marriage is a duty, not a privilege. You didn't get to choose who you married, your parents did, usually before you were even born. The purpose of marriage in the bible was a legal contract for breeding rights, nothing more. Sometimes it secured financial futures, but the primary thing was making sure family lines were controlled and merged properly.

The reason for this is that the Hebrews tracked family lineage through the mother, not the father. So who the husband was in a family line was completely irrelevant, your mother determined your lineage. This is also why dowry traditions were the way they were in the bible. Therefore in order to merge families and keep bloodlines fresh, the daughters were given away using the marriage contract as breeding insurance.

Men and women who were married stayed together out of a sense of duty to family, tribe and nation because the lineage of the wife determined the status of the family. The King's son didn't inherit the kingdom, the wife's son did, weather or not the king put the seed in her belly.

On a side note, this is why Jesus was (according to the new testament) king of the Jews, he was directly descended, mother to mother, from King David. So marriage, as a contract between families continued down through the ages till first the peasants starting to ignore it then the aristocrats and now even the nobles.

So when it comes down to it, biblically speaking, all those people marrying for love without proper matchmaking processes and contracts between their fathers are committing the sin of fornication, by biblical standards and by their own rules, should be put to death as decreed in their favorite book; Leviticus. After all, fornication is a greater sin than homosexuality, according to the bible.

So really, anyone reading this and getting angry that I just called their holy matrimony a sin should calm down and leave the judging to Jesus. Like the bible tells them to.

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I don't understand why people have a problem with gay marriage me and my boy friend have been living together for 2 years we are not hurting any one we are just enjoying life together and wanting to be married

People are afraid of what they don't understand. And the thing people understand the least, and are afraid of the most is people that are different from them.


What has this vile rant got to do with gay marriage anyway?

It's not a vile rant at all.

Just a polite way of pointing out that by Christian's own standards they should be removing the plank from their own eyes before concerning themselves with the splinter in other people's. (Matthew 7:5, btw)

If what I had to say on the subject bothers you, do some soul searching and try to figure out why.

How does this story support gay marriage?. You might want to ask yourself that. Perhaps it belongs in the "why I hate christian group" ?

It's got nothing to do with hating Christians. It's got everything to do with Christian laws being hypocritical medieval nonsense and having no place in modern society.

You want Christian laws, you follow Christian laws. Do not try to force non Christians to obey your laws, and more importantly, don't try to judge fellow Christians by your selective interpretation of the Old Testament.

Here's a good one, go have yourself stoned for wearing your hair in an unclean manner, or for polluting your body by eating your onion rings with un-kosher ingredients.

I only had to glance at your page to see no less than 3 infractions against the old testament that are, according to the Bible, bigger sins than homosexuality, I guarantee you I could find more.

But while you sit in your life, blithely violating those laws, you want to force others who do not believe in those laws to obey them, but only very selectively. Only the laws you like to obey need to obeyed.

So in reality, based on our actions, not our words (Matthew 15:11), who is hating Christianity more? The one who flaunts whichever parts of it are inconvenient, or the one who points out that maybe we should stay out of one another business?

What religion do you follow?

Ps you forgot to explain why you are supporting gay marriage too.....

I'm not really for or against Gay Marriage, I don't care as gay people getting married doesn't affect me.

What I DO support whole hardheartedly is the rights of homosexuals to do so. No non-religious reason has ever been given (that I know of) for homosexuals not to have equal rights. Therefore, there should be no laws preventing them from doing so.

My religion is of no importance here and it's too complicated to get into on this page. Suffice it to say I'm a Gnostic-Pegan-Christian. I believe in Knowledge, Jesus, and the divine comedy that is human language (that's a short, polite way of saying that all gods are real, and it's only the difference in language that's causing all the fuss).

I want homosexuals to have equal rights. In the UK they do. I cannot understand why gay people want to take part in a Christian marriage under a religion that does not accept them. That is the only point I am making.

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