To be honest I think we should have gay marriages because they're jut like us just more awesome
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

And you claim to be Catholic? There are mountains of doctrine condemning homosexual acts. I'm afraid you have to choose, the church or the sodomites, because you cannot have it both ways.

Does St. Paul not make it clear enough in his first epistle to the Corinthians (see below link)? Besides, as Catholics we are not beholden to scripture but also to the magisterium, which has condemned sodomite relations since its (the magisterium's) inception.

To condemn a sin is not hatred, it is upholding the demands of God. This being said, I find it interesting that you simply run and hide from doctrine (which you, as a Catholic, are bound to uphold) when it no longer suits your purposes. There is no partial faith. You either believe in and the doctrines of the Church or you do not. I’ve always been fond of this simple dichotomy.

By the way, in my above comment, I meant to say that we are not beholden to scripture alone, as the protestants, but it is unquestionably of great import.

That's what I thought.