What the F#*k

It's 2009, it's time for the world to grow up. Stop shoving your religious beliefs down people's throats. I do support Gay/Lesbian marriages. I myself got married eleven yrs. ago in the conservative state of Indiana, by a state ordained minister. It's not recognized by law but one day before I die, I hope that will change. Most gays/lesbians have stopped using the term 'civil union', that went out in the 90's. We get married just like the hetero's do. But as far as the marriage legality goes, we're unequal. We're beneath in eyes of the law. And hopefully that too will all change before I die.

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I agree, and well put everyone.

Hopefully, many things will change before we die. That is part of why we keep talking about it right. :)<br />
I personally think that religion needs to be removed from government completely and that includes marriage. The only thing recognized by a state should be civil union and that goes for everyone no matter the sex or how many partners.

Very well said. I think it is so funny to hear people against this. They say 'well - they can have civil unions! It's the same as marriage!' It it is the same as marriage - then I think the word marriage should be replaced for everyone as a civil union. It's NOT the same ...