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How is this still a ****ing issue?! We are all people, and all people (regardless of the orientation of their plumbing) should be allowed to spend the rest of their lives together in marraige if they so choose. Who are we to decide what a couple who loves eachother enough to "tie the knot" is and isn't allowed to do, regardless of sexual orientation.

I seem to be losing my faith in this country more and more every single day.

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13 Responses Mar 6, 2009

No ******* kidding. It's 2009. Seriously.

Haha, undoubtedly

I agree, this should soooo be a NON issue.

Indeed, it's a great start :)

sweet! :)

If you're American, you should be happy to know that the state of Maine got one step closer to approving gay marriage.<br />
If it happens, that will be 5 states that approve. hey, it would be 10 percent of America!<br />
It's a start. Right-wing religious bigotry is dying a (too) slow painful death.

i agree with jp 5040--im all for rights for ALL PEOPLE, moreso than marriage (which usually sux) rights. WHY in hell do two ppl have to be married to get a break on their taxes? thats just DUMB.

Speaking of Skeletor, I think this is the guy that provided the audio for Skeletor's laugh.<br><br />
<br><br />
"Ahahahahahahaaaa!"<br />
<br />

He-Man couldn't help it. He was drawn that way. <br />
<br />
She-Ra was too coy and played hard to get.

Truly epic story title. He-Man would approve of gay marriage. I think he used to get jiggy with Skeletor.

Change scares people, while its no excuse its the simple truth.

bigotry, hatred and superstition are tough to overcome.

i couldnt agree more. marriage is about love, not gender.