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I have two gay best friends (they're not a couple) and i would love for them to find the one and see them get married. You don't "choose" your sexuality, your BORN with it. It's natural and part of being human. Were all different in every way. My cousin is also a Lesbian and she has just got engaged to a woman twice her age. But i am so happy for her. When she came out she turned into such a happy person, so out going. I just thought 'wow all that's been hiding under the strain of keeping that secret'. But no-one batted an eyelid! I hope more people speak out for themselves and become happy with themselves as a person. I'm glad the UK allow gay marriage because this now makes everyone equal like it should be. I'm glad my friends and my cousin can now experience the pleasures of marriage.

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Helios01 - I'm sorry to hear of your current situation i really hope one day that you find the courage to be true to yourself. You will save yourself a lot of pain! I also think you might be surprised by people's reaction. I believe quite a lot of people are accepting of it these days! But if your friends react badly then it's safe to say you deserve better friends than that. Good luck my friend!<br />
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Mattahornofthedesert - Your son really does sound like a great guy. I too love my 2 friends because they are so easy to talk to and can have some really good conversations with them. A better convo then i could with the girls. He is so lucky to have a family that is so understanding and still love him the same this is why i hope more people come out because i really do think they will be surprised how understanding people are these days.

thank you so much. I am all for gay people. Why should they hide??? I say thank you to my husband also that stood by me and is standing with Peter all the time and helping where he can. I can thank God for that.<br />
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Why should I deny my son??? He is fabulous and I wish he has a fabulous life forever. He had hard times before telling me which I appreciated very much and he never thought I would say the things I did say. Nice to have somebody to confide in and very deeper than the brothers that are straight. By the way they accept him fully and even joke with him and love him just as much. We are and will stay a family forever.

Dreyton - Good for you that you don't let it get the best of you. Those people are pathetic! I can see why it would be a task but honesty is always best. You could have lead these people on for a lot longer. But i'm glad you feel like you don't need to hide! That's fantastic!<br />
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Mattahornofthedesert - I am so pleased to here that your son has found a great partner. We all want that! Gay or straight, relationships like that should be celebrated! Best wishes to you and i hope he has a great day =)

I myself also approve strongly of gay marriages. My son and his partner also want to marry one of these days and they have such a lovely relationship I cannot believe it to be true. My son is very attractive and most of the ladies fall for him because he is so kind and considerate and he loves his mother to death and understands her the best. I am so glad my husband (his stepfather) also took him into his heart, which is usually not the case. We are even going to the wedding in Cape Town and all my husband says if he goes to Cape Town he would like to stay with Peter and Dale because Peter understands him and his moods. Other people we know there don't. That a BIG plus point for me, because had it been the other way around and I had to choose, I would not forsake my first born.

They're NOT a couple of gay friends?! Just kidding I know what you meant. I come out to every one every time I've started a new job and that's not an easy task. The process is a bunch of girls come on to me, I tell them I'm not straight, they get insulted and somehow their egos get bruised and then they want to take it out on me and make life impossible for me at work. I refuse to hide it and I refuse to let anyone get the best of me. It has definitely given me a lot more courage, that's for sure!

It is happening, don't worry. The younger generation is much more tolerant on the whole than previous generations. Acceptance of homosexuals is going to lag behind acceptance of different races, and just look at how far that has come in just a few decades...

I hope more people think this way i hate to see my friends and cousin being treat differently. It's hurtful. I think in time, it will become the "norm" to everyone else because more people will hopefully speak out. Fingers crossed for a more tolerable future!

I like the way you think, more people should think that way. The world would be a much more tolerant place...