Gay Of The Least Of All Social "problems"....

First, I am bisexual by experience.  I have some experience here in loving males and females.  Regardless of that though, gay and lesbian people in the real world have been okay with me because love is love.  Yes, they are subject to similar problems as heterosexual couples (domestic violence, normal relationship issues) and issues unique to homosexual relationships.  Many of the same-sex couples I have met, however, have seemed as normal or even more "normal" than heterosexual couples.  In some places and instances, they still must make an effort to be accepted by many...but it has never offended me, as I grew up knowing a lesbian aunt and her girlfriend, a person who was so cool and inspirational.

It seems to me that real, dire social problems are overpopulation, unwanted pregnancy, drug abuse, etc.  Yes, these problems can come from psychological deficiencies based from improper parenting.  (In child-rearing, lack of two important figures, one with a more masculine persona and one with a more feminine persona, can be harmful...despite circumstances.)  How can two women or two men uniting make this worse?  More love in the world, if only people could see it....

Marriage is for love and for unity.  I really wish for the happiness of the same-sex couples who wish to unite themselves in an official declaration of togetherness.  It makes me feel very happy to think of them getting the right to declare this unity on paper.    

everythingunsaidbefore everythingunsaidbefore
26-30, F
Feb 23, 2010