Gays Are Everything Magical

we hav been kicked down slapped around and told we are going against gods way for way to long.
we are born gay/bi/les, we didn chose our path,but we are walking it,
and im so proud to be gay im lucky in new zealand we are recognized and aloud to marry,.

i think its time the people of this world got the *** over gays and just let us be who we are,.

i hate it when you tell a person your gay and straight away they think of anal,.or something along those lines,.its insulting that they wont even get to know us as a person.,

but im lucky to hav amazing friends who accept me,.
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18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 17, 2010

ya all are so true and- yay to canada for accepting us wopwoop.,*hugs to you all mawhaaa*

thanzies:) so true an dso many people hav misd out on me as an amazing friend,,10+ to you

i hear ya. 4 those who wont get 2 know u because they cant get past ur orientation, its their loss.