The Bible Is Not A Reason...

I am an 18 year old, straight, conservative girl. I wholeheartedly support gay rights. I always have. For years I grew up in a christian home, going to church all the time, going to private lutheran schools and going to confirmation classes. I now am old enough and feel I have the experience and knowledge to make my own decision about my beliefs. I recently wrote a paper in my english class on legalizing gay marriage and I interviewed some of my friends, family, and people whom I didn't know very well. Some gave this reason for not supporting gay rights: "The bible says so." or "It's just wrong." This is NOT reason enough to deny someone their right to be happy. The bible also says things like you can't wear two different fabrics at once, honor thy father and thy mother or you shall be put to death, and talking to women while they are on their period is a sin. Look it up. Leviticus says it all. It also says that marriage between men and multiple women is okay. This is not something that I can agree with. People give this reason for not following any of those: "Times have changed. It was different back then." So, apparently, we can pick and choose what we follow in the bible. Well, I'm here to say that times HAVE changed. Gays are no different than anyone else. They deserve happiness. They deserve love. They deserve to be able to acknowledge that love. They deserve everything anyone else does. I will support this until the day I die, and these hypocritical christians can deal with it. Believe what you want, but do NOT take someone else's rights away.
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Hi it sounds like you thought this out And I agree everyone should have the same rights. Except for those who have broken out laws. They need to be held individually accountable and should not be allowed obtain any public assistance funded by tax payers.

Most of humanity (throughout history) hasn't needed the Bible to have a reason

THANK YOU. Of course the bible isnt a reason. Christians arent the only ones in america and im sick of them acting like they can run the freakin country. Their hateful and ridiculous book shouldnt decide who can love each other. And what kind of god do they worship if he put restrictions on love?

I completely agree with this. I could not have said it better myself. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't found any Bible verses which say same-sex marriage is wrong? Just that if a man has sex with another man then it is disgusting. But as you say, times have changed.
Some Christians would say God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve, but obviously God created the two so they could reproduce.

My heart is torn as I read this post and these comments. You are treating our Almighty Creator's statute of marriage merely as if it is an opinion made by another mortal man. God never gave us permission to change His rules. As to your observation of the Bible being contradictory, it is evident to me that you have either never really tried to understand it or that you are only reading bits of it out of context. I do not recall any chapter in Leviticus stating that multi-marriage was allowed, please tell me which part specifically you were reading. Seeing that your post also consisted of disregarding the Bible based on rules that are not required today (such as not eating pork, not wearing certain types of linens, dressing a certain way, head covering, etc.), I should note that those ordinances were given for specific issues of those times. The rule about not eating pork was probably because ancient animal but butchering, cooking, and housing practices were very unsanitary then. The rule about not wearing certain linens was probably given to a specific group of people to quell vain or inappropriate dressing. Many of the ordinances given in the Old Testament were to give the nation of Israel a lifestyle of obedience and reverence, to help prepare them for the coming Messiah. I should also note that, while I will openly and outrightly say that I do not agree at all with homosexual and bisexual ways of life, I by no means hate or wish harm to those who follow those lifestyles. Part of what all true Christians believe and are called to do is loving our neighbors. I am deeply sorry if anyone here has suffered hurt from someone who claims to know Christ. The Christian faith is not one of anger, harsh criticism, or malice, but one of love and caring. I hope we all can share kindness and neighborly love as a common ground.

<3 Agreed

Every word of that is so true, just wish others realised exactly that. Things have to change. Politicians and religion need to stop living in the dark ages and move with the times, people are gay, they experience love just live everyone else, so why cant we have the same rights?

I agree with you although I am a male of 60 years old I have allways considered myself to be a transvestive or bi I love being with the same sex having sex so don't be scared or ashamed go for it and then you will have the answer you are looking for luv yuh go get it

I posted a like to your post to this confession: EP Link<br />
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You said it better than I could - i hope you don't mind :)

I don't mind at all! :)

Your feelings are clearly heart felt. But I think you miss the bigger point. The fact is that gays are born gay. They are not sinning at all! No more that a person who is left handed is a sinner. And if you truely believe in Gods work, then you must accept that he created ever unique individual. Or at the very least he created the DNA structure that allowed every unique variation. Note that I don't remark that being gay is an illness or an disformaty. Its just a difference, like red hair versus black. Its not until we get our head around that understand, that we can feel and be equal with others.<br />
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Like so many other 'religious' intolerances, labelling Gays as sinners, was developed by highly creative individuals, to create a 'we are good' and 'they are bad' message. Its basic human nature to want to feel special or important, when compared to others. And organized religions are extremely good at knowing how to manipulate human nature.

While I agree that you may be born with a propensity for gay tendencies, I do not believe that you have absolutely no choice. Would you accept that if a murderer killed a close family member of yours but said they were born a murderer and it wasn't their choice?

well that is true every one has the right to do or be what ever they choose. I just do not under stand how a man or women want to be what GOD gave them!

Well, what if your wrong and God has forbidden this lifestyle? Which will you chose then? The bible says that it's better to obey God then man.

I don't fully understand your comment. But I'm saying that just because some people believe in god, doesn't mean they can force their views on other people and take their rights away. I don't care if god forbids the lifestyle because I don't believe in the christian view of god or the bible.

Very well said. It's really hard for anyone to justify something using the Bible and have it make sense, since it's full of contradictions, and events mentioned inside of it lack evidence outside of the Bible to prove they ever happened. All I do know is that a god who would create people that were gay, which if he was real he would have had to since none of them chose it and they certainly didn't get that way because of how they were raised, and then tell human worshipers that it is a sin would mean that he is cruel and quite possibly even sadistic by coming up with an excuse to punish humans. <br />
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There was once a time that I certainly wouldn't have supported the rights of gays, but now I support them 100%.

My dear not to judge anyone but I don't agree with u...having grown in a christian home or going to church does nt necesarily make u a christian or mean u know the bible (I can see from some comments u made)...the word of God is actually the reason why homosexuality is a sin..ppl need to learn how to read and understand the bible, like jesus said he speaks in parables(stories with hidden meanings. Kike really WHERE does it say in the bible u can't wear double fabric, plz quote ur above comments...k let me stop here, dnt wana go deeo, u got a right to think what u want bt remember its not a fact its ur opinion

It sounds more like the word of corrupt and sadistic guys to me.

Oh, I have studied the bible, I am confirmed at my church and have taken quite some time to read it. However, growing up in a christian home definitely gives me an educated opinion. When I was young, I believed in god wholeheartedly. The faith of children is astounding. Also, these things are said in the bible, I will put the bible verses after this comment. We've had an entire subject in my bible study about them specifically. Let me go on by saying that it depends on the VERSION of the bible which is a totally different subject that I could go on for days about. There are so many versions of the bible and all say slightly different things, believe me, I've compared them side by side before. I encourage you to go to a christian book store and look up the same verse in one version of the bible and compare it to another. The difference is slight but it is there. The bible has been reworked and retranslated for years and years and if you are too ignorant to realize that, then I am wasting my time talking to you. The bibile verses are as followed: Leviticus 19:19 is the one where two fabrics are condemned, also, I think you will find these ones interesting: Leviticus 19:27, Leviticus 11:8, Leviticus 11:10. Leviticus 18:22 is the one deeming homosexuality wrong, but before you take that one to heart, please look these previously listed ones up and then talk to me about sin. Thanks. (These are all in the King James Version)

By the way, what gives other christians the right to decide who is christian or not? Do not tell me what does and does not make a christian. That's for "god" to decide right?

Good view !I do not like gay but I still support them .

I can't really explain how much I love this story! LOVE LOVE LOVE it :)

Leviticus is in the Old Testament. Leviticus is rules. . . . Regulations . . . God's Laws and Consequences of Sin. Purpose of Leviticus is to help us understand God's character---Holy---

You mean controlling? That sounds like a better word than "holy".

Exactly. Rules and regulations. I encourage you to look up these bible verses in Leviticus and YOU tell ME what makes them against the rules. Leviticus 11:10 says eating shellfish is a sin. Leviticus 19:19 forbids wearing blended fabrics. Leviticus 19:27 forbids shaving your beard. (in the KJV) Really? This is what your all powerful "god" is worried about? God put these words in the bible himself? He thought it important enough that these rules should be made? This is so very "HOLY" as you say.

Thank you for this story :) I wish more people could adopt the same viewpoint. My uncle for one is a very hypocritical, recently born again christian. He does drugs and has "relations" with this one woman he knows (but doesn't and will never love) all the time. I'm not judging him, it's his life and he has every right to live it as he chooses and I will still love him for the goodness in he does possess. However, he has the audacity to talk down to me about my sexuality (which I don't even get to act on often bc I am very shy around women). I don't believe that that is right. Again, thanks for the support. Also, you are very well-spoken :)

You are so true

You are so true

I didn't know that common sense and Religion could coexist, good job proving me wrong =P

If only more people used their own brains and thought their own thoughts instead of letting others do the thinking for them.

Love this. Everyone is entitled to be who they are

I agree, we don't make choices for others. Jesus loves the sinner always.

Thank you for a well crafted statement. I definitely agree. My bible thought is this, who would Jesus hate?

Thank you, thank you thank you. This was very well written and I agree 100%! Great post!

Thank you very much :) I'm glad there's people who agree with me!

Amen :-)