So Very Moving.

  On youtube in the description box, there is a link to site where you can donate to the director who made this clip.  He is trying raise fund to make a documentary.  Check it out!
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It's sickening how badly people are treated for being homosexual. I also think, why would it matter if being homosexual was a choice or not? It's not hurting anyone, so I don't see the problem. The most sickening thing is I used to be an extreme homophobe and just remembering the things I said or thought in the past makes me feel so ashamed.

All that matters is how you changed. You will inspire others to do the same :)

omg!! i had never heard of the "gay panic defense"! that is some RIDICULOUS ****!!!

Part of me is glad to be in Europe, where gay marriage is becoming more and more naturally accepted. But another part of me wants to be out there ranting and raging and fighting for equality. I still fail to fully grasp what could make a person so bitter, cold and resentful that they would deem the love of two people wrong.

Some people had to live by the rules of others and, in turn, have become extremely bitter toward anyone who lives according to their own rules. This new ammendment in North Carolina not only bans gay marriage, but any other type of "alternative" arrangement including common law heterosexual relationships. This is simply bitter, terrified people doing all they can to ensure other people will live in the misery that has been accepted as "normal life" for too long. All we need is my generation to take over and attitudes will change.

omg...not even common law marriage...what have we come to!? my mother called me a ***** because i was living with my bf of 2 and a half years. we didnt even have sex!!!!! we didnt even mess around!!!! she wouldnt even meet him. she never once did, and she wouldn't let him come to any family event (my sister and brother's significant others were allowed to come, but not my bf). my bf had even offered to do all of the lawn mowing at my gma's house and take her to church!

Thank you for that update!

Sad fact that so many people can't let other people live a happy life because they think it's the wrong way of happyiness. Love should conquer it all!

chills!!!sheeshus!!! WOW! : ( I will never understand why someone would justify discriminating love of any kind?! Just disturbs me that ignorance is still king in the land of tyranny.

The people who discriminate don't really understand love. Luckily the haters are fewer and fewer these days, meh!

: ) I hope so

I always want to believe that too then I see fox news... :(

you're right, Gilly... VERY moving. and though the video shows that we've come a long way, there's still a frustrating ways to go. thanks for posting this... XOXOXOXO

Thank YOU, woobie!

woobie, wowwowow you're gorgeous!!!