America...Land Of The Free?

I may be straight, but I believe that freedom will rain...yes rain.  In America, we have abolished slavery, gave women the right to vote and all of us the freedom to own property which was once a right given to only white men. All women and minorities should back gay rights as we were once oppressed too.  Since Roe V. Wade, we have made strides to hold on to our freedoms. America was founded on freedom and equality for ALL.  God...please bless those who want to limit or take away our rights (with a gay child or grandchild.)  Maybe then would they learn tolerance and unconditional love.

I live in Iowa and I am proud that my state is holding firm to give Iowa citizens more rights not taking them away thanks to a few brave Judges.  They have been ousted, but stood up for what is right.  We need to continue the fight for our freedoms including the freedom of speech and religion. This fight is based on religion which many in the world do not have the freedom to choose their own religious beliefs.

Think about your personal freedoms and ask yourself which one you would be willing to give up.  Shame on those who use their religion to exclude an entire culture.  The God I know and believe in is tolerant, understanding, forgiving, accepting and would never turn anyone away.  God, I pray, please let us continue to move FORWARD!!  Go Obama! 

An American and an Iowan
janel5 janel5
May 14, 2012