Amazing People

I support gay rights and I dont care what people think. Gay people are just regular people but just like the same gender but who cares.

My best best friend in world Patience is a lesbian. She is such an amazing friend. I can always turn to her. Patience is an amazing person. Me and her are really close. She told me she liked other girls and I was like i dont care. What matters to me, that  she is amazing friend and that is all i care about. We are always going to be here for each other no matter what. I dont see her as Patience the lesbian, I see her as Patience the best best friend in the world

Gay people need to be treated with respect and everything else. Like Jason "Mayhem" MIller said,"Love who you want." I am not an angel I have made alot of mistakes but I have learn to accept people for who they are. Gay people should be allowed to get married. There is no difference between a man and woman getting married. They should be able to have the same benefits as a normal married couple. I dislike all the hated they get. It isnt cool, who ever thinks that is cool, needs to go jump off a cliff.

I believe they should be treated equally as humans. I support GAY Rights.

superherojustin superherojustin
22-25, M
1 Response May 25, 2012

Thank you! :) this is so touching and I thank you for your support! I love you Justin :) It's like I've known you my whole life :) You are family in my eyes!