Land of the Free "Moral" Majority

It's kind of absurd to call someplace the land of the free when so many of its citizens are fearful to walk down the street holding hands with their loved one. It is a travesty of justice that a biological child of a gay parent gets tossed into a nightmarish foster system when their biological parent dies instead of custody going to that parent's long term partner unless the partner has already finished legally adopting the child. Equality in this country has come a long way, but it has much, much, MUCH farther to go, particularly on this front. That so many consider gay equality immoral, to the point that they support acts of physical and mental brutality against another group, makes me ashamed of my country on more than one occassion.

For every GLBT couple out there--I don't know if you will be able to walk down the isle and be recognized for the love that you have for one another in our lifetimes. What I do know is that I won't stop fighting for your right to do so. I will be at the rallies to pass legislation for your benefit just as I have in the past. Even when it appears to be a losing battle in a conservative state, I will not give up just because it's hard. I will not turn away when people cry out for justice. You deserve the right to have a beautiful, moving, legal wedding. You deserve the same civil and domestic rights as any other person. I owe you at least this much. I don't have much power or sway, no money to contribute, and I stutter and shake when I try to give a moving speech, but I do vote, at least. And I am listening.

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1 Response May 31, 2008

Well said! :)