Equal Rights

I am a heterosexual female who believes that everyone should have the same rights that I have.

Many people believe that homosexuality is a sin, I support that as their opinion, everyone is entitled to have that right as set forth by the first amendment. I myself have my own beliefs, and would hope people respect that.... That being said here is my opinion

Here in america the divorce rates are extremely high, in 2011 it is estimated around 50% in state with laws banning same sex marriage, if same sex marriage is so wrong why is it that the states that allow same sex marriage the divorce rate is estimated at 41%, if I can do my math right that is almost a 10% drop (to me that is a lot). If people believe that it is lowering value of marriage why in these states does it seem stronger. Here you have two people that love each other so much they will fight just to get married, yet a man and woman that met 20mins ago go down to a court house and sign a paper and they are done. That just doesn't sound right to me.

Also for those people that say it is a sin, Doesn't the bible tell us that the only one with the right to judge us is God himself. It also says that God is forgiving, and that he loves us all equally. Doesn't the bible also teach that God sent his only son to earth to forgive us our sins. In fact they made songs that I know I used to sing in Sunday school that teaches kids that Jesus loves us. Another thing it teaches is that every man/woman is a sinner and that only a man/woman who is without sin may cast the first stone.

I know I am a sinner, I had three kids out of wedlock, I disobeyed my parents, I am divorced, I think you get the point because the list goes on and on. I would just like to add on here that my marriage did not fall apart because of same sex marriage nor did it make it any less special.

I know many of you on here are not religious people however I am, I believe that if we are truly all equal in god eye's than lets prove it in American too. Isn't America's slogan still "In God we trust". Lets prove that we trust in him, give everyone equal rights and trust that he holds all the answers

Another thing I would like to mention (that is totally not religion based), looking back on own history. In America you were able to own someone just by the color of their skin, until that was outlawed. After that woman were not able to vote, hold political office, own property (unless given to them), until that was outlawed, Then just because a person was of a different color you were not able to vote, go to the same school, drink from the same water fountain, ride the same bus, etc..., until that was outlawed... I think it is time that we outlaw something else. Lets outlaw bans against same sex marriage.

I know I have strong opinions and I know that there are a lot of you out there how have even stronger opinions than mine and may be complete opposite. Before you leave a comment about how wrong I am just note I am not going to argue with you about something I feel or about something you feel. I am just stating my beliefs.

Sorry this was super long :)
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you know people just couldnt accept that now a days everything is there and it would not go either thats why i always stay with my friends no matter what they practice or choose to be.I will always love my gays,lesbians,transgenders,bisexual friends and i dont care what people think about me.

Yea I totally agree. I love all my friends no matter what they look like or their sexual preference... They are my friends and I like them for their personality


I'm one of those non-religious ones, but I like your post. Other than the "created by God" bit, I agree. Equality is important. Marriage is important - it creates the social bonds that glue us all together.

Thank you... Sorry it was so religion based... I was raised in a very religious home and some thing i believe in, and thank you for not saying anything about that or judging me because of that

I was kinda on a rant when I wrote this by something that happened with a family member

You're welcome...we all need a good rant some times, and to stick by what we believe