Pflag And Gay Rights

I attended a PFLAG meeting last night and found it to be interesting and disappointing at the same time. The conversation was about two upcoming events, the 2012 Presidential Elections and the MidSouth Gay Pride March.
When I asked if everyone was registered to vote, I was surprised to find several of them not voting, not wanting to register and not supportive of the only President willing to support Gay Rights at this time.
When I asked who these folks would feel if Romney was elected they all sad they would hate it since he would destroy any right we have currently.
So... may thinking is that no one is going to hand gays, lesbian, transgender or transsexual people anything unless we first stand our flippin ground and demand rights. We are not going to be given equal rights because we want them. We will be given equal rights when, we, as a group fight for them and get the people who support us into office. African Americans were not given rights for sitting on their ***** and asking. They fought for them through words and actions. Gaining support as they made their voices and integrity heard and seen. Please don't just sit there get off the couch and do something if you really want Gay rights to be seen as a valid right by the politicians we help elect. Demand change, get involved and vote. Thanks for allowing me to rant. Sorry if I sound too impassioned but I see no other option.
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I believe in gay rights along with all the others even though i am not gay.<br />
Native Americans have to fight for there rights all the time.<br />
I think it is wrong for any one to have to fight for there rights no matter ho they are.

I wish it were a simple thing but it really isnt. It seems that rich white men have always tried to control and belittle anyone or group of people that they see as different or less than them. Its not a gay or straight, male or female thing it is about people being respected.

I was talking to one of my neighbors a couple of days ago
and we was talking about how the government has changed so meany things in school system alone and she said it's one of the ways that our government is making the rest of us look like dummy's and that they figure by doing that they will not hear much from us any more. I have news foe them if that is what they are doing. A few years back i fought against the government up in this area for our Native rights and they lost.