Gay Is Okay :)

Okay, so I'm not gay, but my best friend is.. and I find it disgusting and sad that she can't get the same rights as me..

M and I, have been best friends since we were 15 (We're both 20 this year), when I first met her, she was bi.. But honestly, I think that was just because she was afraid to admit who she really was..

M's dad is gay, he came out when M was 12, and it destroyed her mum, they had been together since they were 16, so her mum was devestated. M was angry at her dad at first, and didn't quite understand, until she started realising she had feelings for girls. When M realised she was solely attracted to girls, she was afraid of telling her mum, she thought her mum would react badly..

I know it was a really hard time in her life, and I'm glad she was able to be who she is, because I don't know what I would have done without her in my life. I never knew any gay people before M, but I was never against gay rights. I firmly believe that LGBT deserve the same rights as I do. If people can marry their dogs? why can't two men, or two women marry? It's complete and utter bullsh*t

I'm not afraid of lesbians, I don't think every woman is going to hit on me, Heck.. I even go to gay clubs over other clubs, just because I love the atmosphere.. Most people are so accepting, because they know what it's like not to be accepted..

I don't worry about M finding me attractive, I get undressed in front of her, when Im drunk, she helps me home.. She's more like my sister then a friend, and I am proud of her.
She is a fantastic person, and I am lucky to have a best friend like her!
dirrtypunkrocker dirrtypunkrocker
18-21, F
Jun 29, 2012