Right To Have Rights

I don't know a lot about the different types of politics but I am under the impression that as long as you are good member of the society you live in then you deserve rights

Gay people should have the same rights as straight people

It's an absurbed thing to say but there was a time when black people didn't get the same rights as white people. Why are people outraged by rascisim and accept homophobia?

Gat people not only deserve it but it should just be a given. Like they have blood and air they have rights
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People are not born tolerant but pretty selfish. Child must to distinguish between themselves and others, at first; to learn that there is something other existing in his surrounding which is different from them. As they grow realize that freedom is not easy nor equal to everyone, that it it is not given away but often they must fight for it. Sometimes, societies encourage intolerance. It is a long and painful process learning about and accepting differences of others, but tolerance is not to appreciate and revere what is similar to you or your way of life, but on the contrary, trying to understand varieties.

I've had the same thought many years ago, not understanding why there's so much hate against different kinds of people.. I have listened to the hate shared around me and always asked why?.. I believe GOD made all of us and as long as we have a good heart, don't set out to hurt others, we should be accepted. I also hear alot about the BIBLE, being used to smear hate.. but, never hear about the " thou shall not Judge", part.. I do however point that out when those around me want to talk about said issues. I don't believe we have to put a sign over our head stating I'm gay or straight, bilingual or english, white with parts of other ethnic diversities put in there. We're all different for a reason. I would love to see the day when all can come together in a place where there are no worrries about whom you are or whom you sleep with.
By : CMant