Gay Rights.

Well now , this is a subject that the SCOTUS should be ruling on soon and by the way it looks it could possibly be ruled constitutional and legal to have the same rights as a straight sex couple. I belong to quite a few political groups and i have to laugh whenever I hear a republican say things about the gay rights issue. I usually let them ramble on about how God forbids it, the Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve bullshit and when they are finished I simply tell them 3 things.

#1. In the Bible there is reference made to Adam and Eve and that mentioned the same sex in the Bible as being bad. Well to that I say in Levitiicus 20;13 the Bible also does not like Eound Haircuts, Tattoos, Wearing Garments of mixed Fabric, Eating Pork, Eating Shellfish, and playing with the skin of a pig. ( There goes football on Sunday ) so to your referencing the bible , there are just too many things in there that I need justification too before I actually follow every scripture written. Now they are pissed off because I just called them a hypocrite in so many words. So now we say .

#2. Giving someone else equal rights does not infringe nor take away rights from you. It just makes it Illegal to enforce your prejudice and hate.... Its as simple as that....Now they are really pissed . Now im getting cussed at because thats what bigots do when you outwit them.. So I say , You can cuss me all you want but wasnt it you just a few minutes ago quoting scriptures from the Bible? mmmmmmm So really you are a Bible Thumper who only references the bible when it fits yourpolitical agenda. Now I can see the veins popping in their forehead. Now I go in with the knockout punch. and say.

#3. If you would tell these straight parents to stop having Gay babies then we wouldnt even be having this discussion. Then I turn and walk away and listen to the **** you mother ******, *******, **********, God doesnt like that. Hahahaha, I stop turn around and tell the person, I just talked to God and he just told me he is tired of being used as a marketing tool for you and your religious right . God said to tell you that he will deal with you on judgement day because if you think God will hand down stricter punishment for being gay than he will for your bigotry and judging others than you are ignorant. Now its over. Now I walk away without a sound. I really hate bigotry and using religion to get what you want. See ya kids.
joecumlots joecumlots
51-55, M
Sep 10, 2012