Ten years ago, I joined my current employer and had a staff of ten customer service people reporting to me. Typically, the CSRs woudl be caught between the customer, the vendors and our salespeople. Tough job, but the right person could get it done. Well, Al was a guy in his 40s and gay. Al did his job as well as the rest. But there was this one old codger sales rep who did not like Al because Al was gay. Well Al came to me and said he was having problems with the codger and I, being Al's boss, said I would take care of it. I called up the codger and asked him what was the problem between Al and him. Codger admitted Al did a great job and the customers liked him, but he said, Al is gay and I don't like gays. I told codger to stop with the gay hate and to leave Al alone and let him do his job. He tried to fight me, but I told him to cut it out and stop with the foolishness NOW. Codger cut it out. Al resigned a few months later to pursue a dream. Al told a coworker that he appreciated my sticking up for him and putting Codger in his place. Al never told me that, but I was glad to know and find out that I had made a difference in his life.
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Sep 24, 2012