My Story and My Views

Hello to you and thank you for taking the time to read my story and my views. My name is Blake and i'm from Ohio. I met my now civil union partner Kim almost 4 years ago. Ironically , she and I met online and "just new" we would end up where we are today and impatiently waiting for our rights to be granted. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe we have come so far to get what little we have and I am so thankful for being able to say we did have a civil union. Our story is that we live in Ohio and had to go to Connecticut to have a civil union performed. Only my "mother-in-law" attended but it was so lovely. Once our honeymoon in the poconos ended we traveled back home to Ohio. We have no rights and our union is not recognized here so my coworkers say what was the point ? My point is that I love my "wife" and we wanted to make it as official as we possibly could.

My reasons for support is that you cannot single out one group of people to be legally committed based on a "religous" excuse by our government. If that is the reason we are not allowed to be legally married then why is it allowed for people who are atheist ????? ( there is nothing wrong with people who are agnostic or atheist) but do you understand where that is a double standard?

why is it said that it is harmful for same sex couples to "raise" children together when if you take the statistics can you remember when was the last public news flash where 2 same sex couples with children put their child in a harmful situation?????

I can think of many aweful tragedies with opposite sex parents raising children. Remember the nurse and successful father figure working for nasa who claimed to be extreme followers of Christ. Look at the outcome in that case.

remember scott peterson who killed his unborn child and wife?

can you remember the last time you read anything related to mother and mother or father and father who murdered their child because they didn't want them any longer????

I cannot remember anything like that.

why is it okay for me who is a nurse, saving lives and doing good for people and working hard for my wife and i 50 hours a week and to support parents with children who just flat out will not work. that is not fair to say I cannot marry but it is okay to take out of my paycheck to support others who cannot support theirselves and children.

why is it okay to say I am not a good role model for adopting children because I am gay, but I donate my time and love to helping out with special olympics and doing charity with children with disabilities? I don't get alot of things at all.

I guess my questions will never be answered in a way I will ever understand but I hope future generations will have their questions answered.

Thank you for reading this.

Peace, love, and a wonderful day for you . God bless,

Blake Erin Holtzapfel  ..... Ohio

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Blake, I would love to touch base with you! It's been years since we have talked!