100% Support From Me(:

Hello there! Those of you who support gay rights just as much as me, you are totally awesome! I am bisexual and back up the LGBT community 100%. We have just as much of a right to marry someone of the same sex as those who are straight. I was raised Catholic, but no longer practice. I was brought up in a strict house hold, so I was told that gay things are wrong. I disagree with the Catholic religion. They shouldn't ban someone who is gay from going to church because they are gay. It's wrong. WE are PEOPLE. We love everyone. It makes me so pissed to the point where I start crying when I hear that people are soo anti-gay or so full of hate towards the gays... Any ways, enough of me rambling.

I would love to meet more gay friends on here and would love it if others would be more open and accepting. It's not easy coming out to family or friends if you know they won't accept you. It's a risk you gotta take.

Love PRIDE<3
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

thanx for support dear