Lets Start And Make A Difference

I was recently on you tube and i saw this video that really broke my heart. (A SAD LOVE STORY - A TRUE AND TRAGIC LOVE STORY THAT WILL MAKE YOU CRY) it brought back alot of memories that i had when i would read on the newspaper "gay teen commits suicide" because why? Bullying? Acceptance? Whatever the reason is... actually there shouldnt be a reason in the first place right? Its not right knowing that people are still losing loved ones because of your sexuality, or anything. i would always hear the remarks "******, queer, worse than a lil *****, no one wants you, or just die" i tried to be strong not to cry in front of people who would make such remarks towards me or anyone. But i would cry and there would be times when i wanted to kill myself. I used to think to myself "Maybe if i were dead i wouldnt feel so hurt, everything would be better off without someone like me." Luckily it didnt happen because i had someone who didnt want me to die or think that way anymore. I was lucky to have a hero like him to save me. But for those who arent as lucky as me, where are there hero's? I joined the gay lesbian and straight club hoping that i could help in any way. We made sure that we made every kid at school safe, that they had a friend always there when they needed one. I dedicated alot of my time to GLAS club to make sure there was a safe place for everyone. It made me so happy to see how much support we had from students, faculty, and other schools. But there are some people still feeling alone, and i want to help more in any way, i want to pass this message on to everyone who reads this and hopefully you guys can help more better than i can. If anything i would love to help in any way possible. Please share the love...
In loving memory to my hero.
enriq enriq
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012